Harish Jagtani is a businessman, philanthropist, and visionary who has lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo for over 20 years. He is one of the most well-known business owners and the business community of ex-pats in DRC. HJ Group of Companies is a business house that works in many different areas, such as domestic and international air cargo, real estate and infrastructure development, healthcare, hospitality, and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Harish Jagtani bought his first plane because he had faith in his vision, stayed patient, and never lost faith. As soon as Serve Air took off, there was no turning back. Focusing on the quality of Serve Air and being willing to take risks, Harish Jagtani and his company were the only ones to fly between Kinshasa and the rural areas in the interior. This gave people who had been cut off even the most basic resources during the hard times in D R Congo.

Serve Air was and still is the partner of choice for the state and many global NGOs, like the UN and WHO, regarding shipping cargo. During natural disasters, like the recent volcano eruption in Goma, Serve Air was the first choice of many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to get relief supplies and security staff to the area to help the people there. Mr Harish Jagtani’s main goal has always been to give back more to the country that helped him grow up than he got from it. From his modest beginnings in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mr Harish Jagtani has achieved great success. He has built this conglomerate with hard work, dedication, and a clear vision. Mr Harish Jagtani got his start in the workforce with a menial sales position and is now the proud and righteous owner of a fleet of aeroplanes and multiple businesses that serve the basic and advanced needs of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo in different sectors.

Newer Buildings:

Harish Jagtani’s company, Modern Construction, has built many luxurious and comfortable buildings in Kinshasa and throughout the DRC. The Congo Trade Centre was the first luxury apartment building in Kinshasa. It is a landmark building with commercial spaces, places to play, and luxury apartments. Modern Construction has built many other complexes in and around Kinshasa that are the best examples of luxury and class in Congo. The company was started more than ten years ago to give a different view of construction and real estate trends. Modern Construction has brought buildings to Congo that are the epitome of class and power in every way. These marvels have become the city’s symbols.

Modern Construction, part of the HJ Group of Companies, has built structures that show how we think and what we want to accomplish. With our expertise and dedication to our field, we make our dreams come true. We ensure that our work is of the highest quality and that our clients recognise and appreciate it. It’s important to leave a mark on the world or in the history books.

HJ Hospitals:

Mr Harish Jagtani started the HJ Hospitals in 2012, with the health of the Congolese people at the centre of all he did. His dream of giving the Congolese people access to high-quality health care came true on April 2, 2016, when the HJ Hospitals opened with state-of-the-art infrastructure and services that can’t be found anywhere else in Central Africa.

With a large diagnostic lab and an upcoming multi-super speciality hospital, Harish Jagtani became a ray of hope for millions of Congolese people who didn’t have access to modern health care.

Today, complex surgeries in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology, and many other fields are done regularly at HJ Hospitals, where doctors from all over the world are involved in different ways.


HJ Foundations was Mr Jagtani’s newest accomplishment. Philanthropist Mr Harish Jagtani built more than a hospital. Due to its high operational expenses and investments, the hospital took more work for Congo’s disadvantaged to get basic and sophisticated healthcare. Mr Harish Jagtani founded the HJ Foundations, a philanthropic and nonprofit organisation sponsored by the group firms, to help this group.

The foundation’s CSR arm receives no outside funding. During the past six years, the nonprofit has provided free malaria screenings and medications to over 10,000 people in nursing homes, government schools, and orphanages.

HJ Foundations runs many campaigns each year, including COVID-19 awareness drives, free food campaigns for security personnel in Kinshasa during the Lockdown, free eye check-ups, free glaucoma and cataract surgeries, and fabrication and distribution of prosthetic limbs for war amputees and disabled civilians. These campaigns cost millions, influence thousands of lives, and bring him and the foundation innumerable blessings and smiles.