Hayden Holland AZ is a well-known name for helping his clients grow their businesses in critical areas of business growth. He is a professional career consultant and author who works with clients in the following fields: banking/trust services, corporate finance, and consultation for small and medium-sized firms.

A Great author and motivational speaker –

Hayden Holland is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Abacus Bridge Fund, which provides short-term financing for small enterprises. When Hayden graduated from the CFP program in 1992, he became certified in the Kolbe management method in 1993. Hayden served on the AZ Chapter of YEO’s board of directors from 1994 until 2000. Real estate development was a career path for him throughout this period, from 2002 to 2008. He advised many companies to shift from private placement to CNDX after raising funding via private placement. As a result, more than $50 million was raised for oil drilling projects and real estate developments, including one involving Pennzoil in Pennsylvania. With Marie Ralston and Cigar Doors/BluStix, Hayden has been helping to expand e-Image International, GearUp Outdoors, and Quest Firearms since 2015. In addition, Hayden Holland offers financial services and advice to small businesses, including banking and trust services, corporate finance, and financial planning. For further information on these services, speak with Hayden Holland.

“Tears of Wisdom” Podcast by Hayden Holland Arizona 

Hayden Holland Arizona has worked with Marie Ralston and Cigar Doors/BluStix since 2015 to grow e-Image International, GearUp Outdoors, and Quest Firearms. Access to banking/trust, corporate finance, and small business consulting services are all made possible through this platform. In addition, a book and website/podcast called ‘Tears of Wisdom’ is in the works for Hayden Holland, Arizona, who has been through several life-altering experiences.

Primarily, the book is based on interviews in which actual individuals talk about their struggles and successes in life and the lessons they learned along the way that made them stronger. Educating and inspiring others is the goal.

According to Hayden, e-commerce is how business will be conducted in the future. By teaching his clients about the importance of online commerce, he helped them grow their companies and educated them on how to use it. For any company to compete in today’s highly competitive marketplace, it must have an effective e-commerce platform.