Top Hazards on the Road Every Motorcyclist should Know

Due to the exposed nature and compact frame of motorbikes, riders are prone to severe accidents. In the past few years, motorcycle accidents have more than doubled, which has led to lawyers coming up with the most common hazards that these riders face.

While we are the best motorcycle accident lawyers to help you win compensation after an accident, we hope you can avoid accidents before they happen, saving you the pain and suffering that results.

Here are the potential hazards:


Not all roads in Florida are as smooth as you would want them to be. While motorists can evade potholes so effortlessly, it is not the same with you who ride on a two-wheeled bike.

It is usually not easy to realize that there is a pothole ahead, especially when it has rained. Passing over a pothole can make you lose your balance. Your wheel can be caught on the sharp edge of the pothole, making it more likely for you to crash.

It is prudent that you are alert at all times so that you aren’t caught unawares. Try your best to swerve around the pothole if you have the time and space to do so. If you know the area well, try and avoid streets riddled with potholes.

Filing a claim against highway authorities after an accident caused by a pothole can be tricky to handle. They also take a long time. This is why you need a qualified Daytona beach motorcycle accident lawyers to try and gather evidence and handle the process on your behalf.

Slippery Roads

Slippery roads pose a significant danger to motorcyclists, especially when there are sharp turns. Slippery roads can be caused by rain, oil spills, or unfinished construction sites. Be on the lookout for signs of slippery roads, including oil patches, leaves, trolley tracks, and freshly painted surfaces.

Slippery roads are also a common occurrence at accident sites. In an accident, there will possibly be fluid spillages that make the road slippery. Ride with caution around accident sites.

Grass Clippings/Leaves

Grass clippings or dry leaves can be blown on the road and contribute to accidents. With only two wheels at your disposal, a motorcycle requires constant traction from both tires to remain upright on the road. The leaves or grass clippings can make you lose traction, causing the motorbike to lose control and leading to an accident.


Accidents at intersections are common because of collisions. Accidents can occur when the motorist doesn’t see the rider or if the motorist fails to give way to the rider.

Rough Surfaces

Well traveled roads such as those in Daytona beach are rife with cracks and rough surfaces. When riding over these surfaces, it is essential not to overspeed, perform sudden actions, or swerve. Doing these can make you lose control of the bike.

Riding at night is more dangerous because you might not see these hazards until it’s too late to react appropriately.

Poor Weather Conditions

Poor weather conditions affect your visibility on the road, meaning you won’t see stationary vehicles, or you can miss a turning. Rain, fog, and snow all contribute to poor visibility. If you can, don’t ride your motorbike during poor weather conditions. If you must, ride at a moderate speed and always stay alert on the road.

Debris on The Road

Newly constructed roads or sites where the road is under maintenance usually have debris strewn all over. These include rocks, parts of branches, and tires can be dangerous to a motorcycle rider. You can cause an accident when you try to swerve around them.

What Should You do after the Accident?

If you have been injured in a motorbike accident and you are seeking compensation, call a Daytona beach motorcycle accident lawyers to get guidance. We help you prove negligence and negotiate for a fair settlement for your injuries. Call today.