A medical specialist who performs unconventional dental operations is a holistic dentist. This typically indicates that they choose to treat themselves using natural methods. They prioritize adherence to the fundamentals of holistic treatment. That specifies that they think a person’s dental health is related to their general health. Come join us we provide you 24h Dental Emergency Care.

The popularity of this kind of dentistry has increased recently. Its holistic approach and use of more natural therapies appeal to many people.

The same training and credentials apply to holistic dentists as to regular dentists. Holistic dentistry, on the other hand, emphasizes the close connection between your dental and overall health.

Dental medicine takes the form of holistic dentistry. Another name for it is:

  • Alternative Dentistry
  • Natural Dentistry
  • Unconventional Dentistry
  • Biocompatible Dentistry
  • Progressive Dentistry
  • Integrative Dentistry

 Benefits of Holistic Dental Care

  • Holistic dentists will focus on your overall health: 

You may be familiar with visiting dentists who just focus on your mouth and teeth. Holistic dentists, however, hold that every component of the body is interconnected. Therefore, it is not uncommon that your teeth to be affected or influenced by some other area of your body.

Holistic dentists, therefore, take into account your general health. They enquire as to any further issues you might be having. They might conclude that your teeth are being negatively impacted by another area of your health. Your holistic dentist may end up advising you to practice meditation or that you do so while caring for your teeth. They might suggest dietary modifications, particularly those that have an immediate impact on your teeth. Probiotics might also be suggested.

  • Holistic Dental Treatment Avoids Fluoride

Fluoride is usually known for one thing. It makes our teeth’s enamel harder. However, some people are worried about the potentially harmful effects of ingesting fluoride.

Even though fluoride is typically safe, there is some possibility that it could harm those who are very sensitive. Pregnant women or young mothers may be affected by this.

Fluoride is typically avoided by holistic dentists. They typically conclude that putting fluoride in your mouth will cause it to enter your blood. We, therefore, look for alternative techniques to preserve and clean your teeth.

  • Putting a focus on a material’s biocompatibility

Selecting components that blend in with the body without producing any issues or negative impacts. Metal-free alternative treatments are available from a thorough holistic dentist.

  • Reducing radiation exposure to patients

Holistic dentists won’t overexpose their patients to X-ray radiation; instead, we recommend low-radiation scans like CBCT as a substitute.

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