There are countless diseases that can adversely affect people in the universe, one of the biggest and the most dangerous one cancer. “CANCER” the name itself is sufficient to terrorise any individual. Say, modern life style, food consumption or whatever the reason, cancer is now one of the leading causes of death of people across the world. Even though cancer mortality rates in the United States are decreasing, there are still significant cancer health inequalities throughout the country. Cancer continues to rise in countries with less advanced healthcare systems, and the percentage of deaths are alarmingly increasing due to high cancer cases.


Oncology is the best-specialised branch of medicine dedicated towards research and treatment of cancer including its core analysis, study, diagnosis, and treatments. Cancer treatment involves various medical procedures, hence the need for a special team of knowledgeable staff is required to put their hands in treatment of any such case.


In ancient times, deficiency of resources to identify and treat cancer was a fundamental weakness of impartial cancer care delivery but now in the modern era a number of expert oncologists are available. Sinse, it is now possible to get fully cured from this death web, the need for oncologists is significantly high. Many cancer patients successfully recover from cancer if they get the right treatment from the best oncologist faculty. Keeping up with that, If you are from India, The HOMEO FOUNDATION is one of the most reputable and reliable hospitals, with the best medical oncologists in noida.


Winning over Cancer is the stressful journey that takes you to new destinations every day with life threatening hazards revolving in your head most of the time, to fight and win over you need an expert oncologist who will help you get fully cured from this dangerous disease. With years of professional experience, Dr. Rajeev Kumar is considered the best medical oncologist in Noida, who aims to make this journey easy for everyone and assist them to live healthier and longer lives. He believes in communicating with his patients openly and providing them the highest moral support, before treatment. With a successful record of treating his patients with cancer, using several unique and rare homoeopathic treatments. His extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of homoeopathic science contribute towards successfully conducting their therapies.


Dr. Rajeev used homoeopathy to diagnose each of their patients based on their stage of disease, and provided them with their one of a kind treatments and remedies. At Home Foundation, Dr. rajeev’s homoeopathy treatment, is statistically proven to mini mises the growth of any cancerous cells and to also kill those cells in their early growth stages without any blood loss operation, the after treatment results in NO SIGNS of cancerous cell remains, that to without any type of side effects.

With all such achievements and successful years of work, many patients relies on us for their proper and permanent treatment against this fight. With our extensive team of expert doctors in assistance with Dr. Rajeev kumar. If you or any of your known or loved ones are fighting with cancer or are in the beginning diagnostic state, we suggest you reach us without wasting any further moments, additionally we assure you the best treatment with utmost care.