The vast and tranquil ocean has captivated the human imagination for centuries, offering a serene final resting place for those who have departed. At Earth Memorials, we offer a unique and eco-friendly way to honor the memory of your loved one with our Ocean Burial Urn. These biodegradable urns, made from natural materials, provide a dignified way to bid farewell to your loved one while contributing to the restoration of marine life.

Why Choose an Ocean Burial Biodegradable Urn?

Traditional burial practices can be detrimental to the environment, contributing to pollution and deforestation. The use of non-biodegradable materials and chemicals can cause long-term damage to the earth’s delicate ecosystem. Ocean Burial biodegradable Urns offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative, allowing the remains of your loved one to return to nature in a dignified and respectful manner.

Restoration of Marine Life

Our Ocean Burial biodegradable Urns not only provide an eco-friendly burial option but also contribute to the restoration of marine life. As the urns sink to the ocean floor, they become a habitat for various marine organisms, helping to restore the ecosystem. It’s a way to ensure that your loved one’s memory lives on, contributing to the natural cycle of life.

A Unique and Personalized Tribute

At Earth Memorials, we understand that every individual is unique and special, and we offer a range of Ocean Burial biodegradable Urns to suit your loved one’s personality and style. Our Journey Urn and Shell Urn are designed to float on the water’s surface for a brief period before sinking to the ocean floor, providing a dignified and personalized tribute.

Affordable and Accessible

The cost of traditional burial practices can be exorbitant, putting an emotional and financial strain on the family. At Earth Memorials, we offer an affordable and accessible option, allowing families to honor their loved ones without breaking the bank. It’s a way to say goodbye in a meaningful and respectful manner, without compromising on quality.

Honoring Your Loved One

Choosing an Ocean Burial Urn is a personal and intimate decision, and we are here to guide and support you through the process. Once you have chosen the urn, you can arrange for the burial ceremony, either on your own or with the help of a professional service provider. You can also memorialize your loved one by creating a plaque or dedicating a tree or bench in their name, ensuring that their memory lives on for generations to come.


The ocean has always been a source of wonder and inspiration, offering a peaceful and timeless final resting place. At Earth Memorials, we provide a unique and eco-friendly way to honor the memory of your loved one with our Ocean Burial biodegradable Urns. Choose a personalized and dignified tribute that not only honors your loved one but also contributes to the restoration of marine life.