I posted a Video of the Accident on Facebook; Will It Hurt my Personal Injury Claim?


I took a video after the accident, and just to let my followers know what happened to me, I posted it to my social media pages. Will it hurt my chances of getting compensated?

Social media posts might not matter to you now when you have just been injured, but later on, they might impact your chances of that fair settlement you deserve.

To this end, we have come up with three facts to let you know that social media posts can affect your personal injury claims.

Fact no. 1: Social Media is an Open Book

What you post on social media doesn’t go away anytime. Even if you have set your social media profiles to the highest possible privacy level, you cannot control who sees or shares your posts. People who don’t follow you can still view your posts and screenshot them.

Remember that the few people you have allowed to view your posts can go ahead and share them as well. The moment they share your video, they expose you to the dangers of social media.

You need to realize that the defendant is looking for ways to use social media posts to their advantage, even if it means taking what you post out of context.

For instance, do you know that even posting a photo when smiling might be used to prove that you aren’t suffering at all?

Fact no. 2: Deleted Social Media Posts aren’t Necessarily ‘Deleted’

When you delete a social media post that you have shared, it doesn’t go away totally as you expect. Anyone good at scouring the internet (such as an insurance adjuster) can easily uncover it. Therefore, before you post anything, make sure you think twice because the moment you upload it, you can’t undo your actions.

Quick Fact

After deleting a post, Facebook makes sure users won’t see it again; however, this doesn’t mean that the traces of the post are totally deleted; a keen eye can still find it.

Additionally, the moment you delete a social media post or inactivate your account, it is construed as tampering with evidence related to the claim.

Fact no. 3: More Followers Can Turn Out to Be Your Downfall

Any photo you post on social media can be your downfall. Even pictures of physical activities related to therapy or recovery can be construed to mean you aren’t suffering the way you want it to be.

You will gain more views and followers, yes, but you are exposing yourself to more scrutiny at the end of the day because the opposing side is waiting for you to make a blunder and then pounce.

What Should You do?

Now that you understand the facts about social media, there are some habits to get rid of when it comes to social media activities:

  • Don’t post anything online until you talk to your lawyer. Companies don’t want to pay the money they owe you; therefore, anything you post is placed under scrutiny.
  • Don’t post photos or details when you are doing any physical activity, especially after the accident. This includes activities that are related o your recovery. You will be surprised at what the insurance company can do with such information.
  • Don’t post travel information. The insurance agency can use this information to claim that you didn’t get injured enough to merit the settlement you are demanding.
  • Don’t comment on the insurance company’s social media page. This might lead to an exchange that might push you to reveal information that needs to stay private.

If you are undecided on anything, then talking to a port st lucie personal injury lawyer can help. The lawyer tells you what to avoid and keeps tabs on you.

What If I Have Already Posted on Social Media?

If you unknowingly post on social media about the accident, it is prudent that you inform your lawyer about it so that he can take the necessary steps to shield you from the consequences. Working with a lawyer makes the journey easier because you get to avoid common mistakes that many people make and get advice on demand. A good port st lucie personal injury lawyer makes sure you are protected all through. Call us today so that we can help you avoid the mistakes that you might make soon.