But what are air brakes, and what are their benefits?

When you’re a driver, your safety is always a top priority. And when you’re a trucker, that safety extends to the people and things you’re hauling. That’s why truckers need to have the proper training when it comes to air brakes. 

In this blog post, we will explore these questions and more. We will also recommend some Edmonton air brake courses to help you learn how to use them safely.

What are air brakes courses?

Air brakes courses are beneficial for many reasons. The classes provide an overview of air brakes, their use and maintenance. Additionally, the training can help reduce the chances of a collision and save lives.

The Edmonton Air Brake Institute (EBI) offers a variety of courses that cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics.

The EBI offers five levels of instruction:

  • Introductory
  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Each level builds on the previous one, providing students with a deeper understanding of air brakes and how they work. Courses in English or French can be taken in the classroom or online. Students who complete all levels of instruction receive a Certificate of Completion from the EBI.

How air brakes courses help you in the event of an emergency

The Air brakes courses at Edmonton help you to stay safe in the event of an emergency. The courses teach you how to use the air brake system and respond in case of a crash. By taking these courses, you will be better prepared to handle a situation where the brakes might need to be used.

The benefits of taking air brake courses

  • Air brake courses at Edmonton provide a five-fold benefit for the trainee:

    1. Improved safety – Air brake training teaches students how to use the brakes in an emergency and maintain them properly. This can save lives in the event of a derailment or accident.

    2. Increased productivity – Trainees who have undergone air brake training are more effective drivers and operators. They can move trains more quickly without causing accidents or jeopardizing passenger safety.

    3. Enhanced skills – Air brake course students learn about different types of brakes, their uses, limitations, and proper maintenance procedures. This can give them an edge when looking for employment or continuing their education in transportation.

    4. Increased knowledge – Many employers now require trainees to have completed air brake training before they hire them onto a crew. By taking this course, workers will be better equipped to handle emergencies on the job and protect themselves and their passengers.

    5. Greater career opportunities –Those who complete an air brake course may find themselves in high demand by railroads and other transportation companies across North America. These courses are becoming increasingly popular with government organizations and private businesses operating heavy equipment.

Cost to take an air brake course

Air brake courses are beneficial for drivers because they can help to avoid accidents and also help to improve your driving skills. The cost to take an air brake course varies depending on your choice, but most courses typically run between $200 and $400. 


In conclusion, the air brakes course edmonton benefit anyone looking to learn more about this essential safety device. Not only will you be able to operate an air brake system in an emergency safely, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how it works and its benefits.