You’re likely to have heard of NAPLAN. It’s a standardized test completed by children every year in May. NAPLAN stands for National Assessment Program- Literacy & Numeracy. It is a series of tests completed over multiple days that provide a snapshot of your child’s progress in literacy and numeracy. Although some people are uncomfortable with the fact that NAPLAN compares children’s progress to other children. But, it can still be useful. View our Year 7 NAPLAN Practice Tests

This information will be used by your child’s teacher along with observations, knowledge about your child, and other assessment data. They will also use it to help you in reporting. Your school will use this information to assess their teaching and learning programs and identify areas where they can improve. It will also help them to determine what professional development will be of benefit to their staff.

What Can I Do As A Parent To Help My Child Prepare And Take NAPLAN Seriously?

You can decide whether you would like to work at home in preparation for your child’s NAPLAN testing or not. Consider how your child feels about year 7 NAPLAN practice and testing generally. It’s a good idea to give your child the chance to experience the test and better understand the material used in NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN questions can be difficult to understand. Understanding the structure of the questions will help your child feel comfortable. 

It will allow the child to perform the best. You might have seen your child not performing well under test conditions. Some preparation may help.

What Should I Do If My Child Is Worried About NAPLAN?

Begin by listening to your child. Nerve-wracking tests can happen. Even adults can feel nervous if they have a test to take. You are allowed to feel anxious, but it is also okay to make mistakes in tests. As long as your child does his/her best, everything will be fine. This test will show your child’s potential and help your child to grow. The NAPLAN test should not be considered a threat to his/her learning ability. It is also not a contest. The results will not be disclosed to anyone. The results will be confidential, and only you and your child’s teacher or school leader have access.

Where Can I Find Resources That Will Prepare My Child To Take NAPLAN?

Test Champs has various resources specifically created to assist parents and teachers in preparing their children for NAPLAN testing. You can also use our  year 7 NAPLAN practice preparation materials to practice persuasive writing or isolate certain important skills for NAPLAN testing.