Regular exercise not only keeps the body healthy but also promotes mental wellness. Healthcare providers recommend physical activity and meditation to overcome mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Lovers of workouts are always looking for fitness studios and making routine schedules to enhance their lifestyles.

When people go to new places, one common problem that they face is fear of adapting to the new setting. The human mind is naturally wired to resist change, whether positive or negative. Fear is a form of resistance to adapt to change. However, you can learn to manage your fears by practicing yoga as it enhances your ability to get in touch with your surroundings and achieve peace of mind.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, when movements are limited, you can opt for yoga to keep physically fit and have peace of mind amid the crisis. For many years, in-class yoga centers served as the primary methods of practicing yoga. However, rapid technological changes have introduced new alternatives, such as online yoga, that let individuals self-tutor various yoga styles. Innovations such as Glo Yoga are evolving yoga practice.

About Glo Yoga

Glo Yoga is a modern yoga self-tutoring online yoga practice tailored to meet yoga enthusiasts’ diverse individual needs. The mobile application is empowered with features that allow the user to interact and learn from the world’s best yoga tutors from the click of a button. The versatile application is suitable for both beginners and advanced yoga levels because it has lessons for various yoga stages.

Why use Glo Yoga?

Having you been searching for a permanent solution to your yoga online class needs? A short interaction with Glo Yoga will reveal the significance of the app in fulfilling individual yoga needs. Since everything in the world is evolving to match the advancing technology, yoga online classes are becoming an integral part of yoga lovers. Uncertainties such as the Covid-19 pandemic, whose impact has changed lives within a short time, have shown the need for online yoga classes. Once you download the Glo Yoga app, you will enjoy numerous benefits including;

Access a wide Array of Yoga Classes

No platform has made it quick to access several yoga classes like Glo Yoga. With the application, you have undisputed access to over 3,500 yoga classes and styles. Glo has all you need in its online yoga classes. The duration of the lessons varies from 5 minutes to an hour. You are free to learn and practice varieties of Yoga classes, including but not limited to Iyenga, Ashtanga, Yin, and Vinyasa. The simple downloadable application empowers your yoga practice.

Smart Suggestions for Beginners

If you are a beginner to yoga practice, Glo Yoga will help you learn about various yoga practices. The yoga online platform has a discovery toggle to assist beginners by giving them smart suggestions to start them off at their first level. The smart suggestion toggle simplifies the learning process by narrowing to specific classes such as meditation, burnouts, and mood enhancers.

Simple and Precise Instructions

Another powerful feature of Glo Yoga is its non-ambiguous and straightforward instructions. You do not need an expert to tell you what to do because the instructions are easy-to-follow for every person. For instance, when practicing the Chaturanga style, the tutor continuously reminds you about adjusting shoulders and focusing on the core. Yoga online classes become more efficient if they have straightforward and precise instructions.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

The Covid-19 has subjected many people into stress, anxiety and depression. Practicing yoga can help you to manage your stress during the coronavirus pandemic. Examples of styles for stress-relieve include Sukhasana, Uttanasana, and Prasarita Padottanasan.