Are you looking forward to working in the US, and you have yet to process your work permit. Like any other government process, getting a work permit application in the US is also process-wise that may take a certain period before its completion. Note that the processing period takes different times depending on the type of application. While applying, you can process application forms online then submit them inside and outside of the US, but you need to update the information more frequently.

Also, remember the ability to work will only allow you to support yourself and your family financially. So if you intend to apply for a family visa in us, it means you need to start or continue your professional life there. If you are discovered to work in the US without proper authorization, your case will be taken seriously by the US citizenship and immigration services.

The good news about the work permit process is that you can now get your permit quickly if you look for “immigration services near me” for assistance. So it’s in respect to the time you file your work permit like the rest of the green card application.

  • How Long Does Processing Work Permit Take?

Ideally, the process will take up to 7 months for your files at “immigration services near me”  to process your work permit.

  • How Much Will It Cost You To Process Work Permit?

Generally, we all know government processes are often charged. You’ll be charged sums amount to $410 as the filing fee for form I- 765. Permit costs often vary depending on various factors. For example, if you need to submit your biometrics, the fees charged could be a bit higher.

  • Who Pays Biometrics Fees?

There are filing categories requires to pay additional fees before calculating the total amounts to be paid in total for the work permit application process. The categories include;

  • Spouse or unmarried child if principal beneficiaries of Approved Employment
  • Principal beneficiaries of approved employment
  • Who’s The Except From Paying Work Permit Filing Fees?

If your work permit application is included in a similar package to adjustment of the status green card application, then there is no fee required for filling it.  While applying for a work permit, form I-765 instructions always list exempt persons from paying process application fees.

  • Are There Costs Associated With Replacing or Renewing an EAD?

Yes, there are amounts charged for renewing or replacing an EAD.  The amount charged is often equal to the initial amount charged while applying for a work permit.

  • Fee Waivers

Are you unable to pay the filing fee? No need to worry, as you can request a fee waiver by submitting form I-912 together with Form I-765 and all necessary documents that would be of necessity. If you get approved, the filing and biometrics fees will be waived, and you’ll pay $0.


With everything in detail addressed on filing a work permit application, how long the process might take, and other activities involved, you are equipped to go if you are looking forward to filing your work permit. Don’t hesitate to yo seel help from “immigration services near mewhere necessary.