Marriage is Bliss; Divorce is Expensive

Many married couples never think that one time they will get divorced. But it happens – the statistics are staggering. However, this is okay because not every relationship is meant to last 50 years or even more.

Quick Fact

There are at least three divorces for the time you take to recite your marriage vows.

Well, divorce happens, but the surprising fact is that the divorce might cost you more than what you spent on the wedding. We have seen divorcees that had nothing to show after the divorce proceeding finalized, just because they didn’t take proper legal advice.

Studies show that the average cost of divorce is $15,000 – per person. Divorcees report that they ended up spending more money on their divorces compared to what they actually receive as the settlement.

Here are the top reasons why divorce is expensive.

Exorbitant Legal Fees

The complications of divorce need you to have an attorney at hand to assist you with the proceedings. You have to pay for the legal counsel you receive during the divorce. To avoid prolonged disagreements that might take more of your time and peace, spouses prefer to pay an attorney to handle the tasks for them.

Do I need a divorce attorney? This is a question that many people ask. Well, divorce paperwork can get complicated, and you need someone with the relevant expertise to handle it. Search for Neptune Beach Divorce Lawyers to begin the process of hiring a competent attorney to handle your divorce properly.

Some mistakes that spouses make can turn out to be expensive. An attorney helps you avoid these mistakes.

Additionally, if your ex has an attorney to represent them, it is a sign that you also need to get one.

State Filing Fees

You have to pay a fee to the state to file for a divorce regardless of whether you have an attorney. The fee you pay depends on how complicated your divorce is.

Expect to pay several hundred dollars in state filing fees.

Home Repair Costs

As a spouse, you won’t just let your home go easily because your ex has said she has a right over it – you will have to fight for it. Your home is your most valuable asset, and whether you decide to keep it or let your ex have it, you want to handle the process carefully.

When couples decide to divorce, they agree to sell the house and split the proceeds equally. However, the house might need repairs to prepare it for the market. You will have to chip in to get the house ready for the market. The repair costs can run into thousands of dollars.

Increased Living Expenses during the divorce

When living as a couple, you share the living costs, but things change when you start living alone. You will still want to maintain the same living standards as before, but using your paycheck alone can be a huge task. You might end up using double the normal expenses you used to spend.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce Costs

You spend more when you contest a divorce than when you don’t contest it.

An uncontested divorce simply means that you won’t have to take the matter to court – you have already talked and agreed on how you will split everything up. On the other hand, a contested divorce means you have a disagreement on a certain aspect of the divorce, and you need the courts to handle the divorce on your behalf.

How Can You Reduce the Costs of a Divorce?

You need to sit down with your attorney and have an honest talk about what you can afford to spend and what you will get out of the divorce.

The attorney has a few tricks that he can use to minimize the costs to you, though it depends on the kind of attorney you choose to work with.

You will be surprised that your ex has a goal of depleting your funds, so you need to get an attorney that can represent you so that you get the right decision fast.

Call us today to know how to mitigate the costs of the divorce.