On average you will need about 7 weeks to receive the CDL (commercial driver’s license) in a full-time driver’s training program from an academy of truck driving school. The time it takes depends on many things. It could take just three weeks to six months. Numerous variables affect how long it will take.

8 Factors That Determine the Time It Takes To Obtain Your CDL

1. Type of CDL

CDL classifications let you drive trucks that have different weight ratings. Class A is the most basic classification for drivers. Drivers are required to operate any vehicle that has a gross weight ratio (GVWR) of at least 26,001 pounds. This could include a tow vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds as defined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Other classifications include Class B as well as Class C, which is used to handle various GVWR or dangerous materials. Find out more about the distinctions between a Class A and a Class B CDL.

2. Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Programs

Two options to study CDLs in the classroom are the trucking school and community college. There are some driving schools that offer classes from Monday to Friday for just three weeks. Others offer on Sundays and Saturdays that last for five weeks. Make sure to check with your local driving school’s schedule for classes. The community schools’ programs typically only meet on a couple of days per week. Full-time 5 days per week, allows you to complete this CDL program at a much faster rate. Selecting a program that best suits you is the very first thing towards ensuring you have the time to absorb and comprehend everything that goes into having a commercial driver’s license.

3. Time for Classes

The classroom instruction imparts the essential information in order to qualify as an entry-level driver. The amount of time spent in the classroom is dependent on the program. However, it could range from 30 to 80 hours. A longer period of the classroom can help you better prepare to pass your exam and take off to the road.

4. The Hours of Driving

To pass the CDL testing, drivers need to take a test with a certified CDL driver sitting in the seat of a passenger. This requires you to spend time outside the school. The programs may differ however it is essential to choose one that provides plenty of driving hours to set you up to be successful in your driving career.

5. Ability of Students

The more simple it is to master tasks, the lesser time you will need to prepare for driving tests. The ability to drive is a major aspect of the amount of time it will take you to study for your drive test.

6. Testing Schedule/Availability

A state could allow a third party to conduct CDL tests for skills. This could be a different state, employer, private driver education facility, private institute, or government agency. With the different possibilities of who is able to provide CDL testing, it’s recommended to determine what is available in your state or visit the nearby academy of truck driving school.

7. Auto Is Different From Manual Truck

While the model of the truck doesn’t affect the amount of time you are in school it can impact the speed with which you’re competent in mastering the necessary skills to pass the test.

8. Endorsements

There are six endorsements that you can put on your CDL that will impact the duration of your journey. These are:

  • (P) Passenger Transport Endorsement
  • (S) School Bus/Passenger Transport Combo Endorsement
  • (T) Double/Triples Endorsement (Tanker)
  • (N) Tank Endorsement of Vehicle (Tanker)
  • (H) Hazardous Materials Endorsement
  • (X) Tanker/HAZMAT Combo Endorsement

How Do I Start?

With the rising shortage of drivers, there is a significant need for trained truck drivers. Academy of truck driving school can assist you in becoming a perfect truck driver.