Periodontal diseases are mainly caused by inflammation and affection of gums and jaw bone surrounding the teeth. It’s known as gingivitis at its early stages making your gums vulnerable to dental disease. When infected, you may experience swollen and red gums that may often bleed as its symptoms. It may worsen to its serious form; periodontitis, pulling gums away from a tooth increases the risks of losing your teeth.

What Causes Periodontal Disease

When bacteria stick on the surface, it infects the tissues surrounding the teeth, which leads to periodontal disease. When these bacteria overstay on teeth’ surface, they form a film known as plaque which hardens to tartar. It then spreads below the gum line, making it harder to clean.

How Periodontal Diseases Affect Your Oral Health

We all know poor dental health increases gum diseases, periodontal diseases, tooth decay, among other periodontal health problems. A regular visit to Hawthorne dental would help prevent you from such conditions keeping your oral health in check.

Did you know your mouth is filled up with up to 6 million bacteria? Some of which are harmless, but when you neglected to observe oral health, the bacteria will grow, contributing to diseases that affect your oral health. Let’s see how periodontal disease affects your oral health.

  • Bad Breath

The periodontal disease would affect your oral health, making you embarrassed in public with a bad odor. Bad breath is generally caused by various oral problems such as oral cancer, bacteria in the tongue, cavity, and gum disease. You can get covered by this problem by using mouthwash to mask the bad odor. It is recommended for you to visit dental in Leeds if you tend to have chronic bad bread.

  • Oral Cancer

What does the doctor say about oral cancer? 

Dentistsclaimittobeadeadlydentalissueaffectingmillionsofpeople.This problem can also be curable when diagnosed and treated while at its early stages. Poor dental health care, smoking tobacco, and HPV make you vulnerable to oral health problems. Therefore, visiting Hawthorne dental more often could help in catching up on oral cancer.

  • Gum Disease

Gum disease is a dental problem that commonly affects the gums surrounding teeth. It tends to be the main cause of loss of teeth for adults. Therefore, always observe oral health as anyone is at risk of gum disease caused by smoking, dry mouth, and diabetes.

  • Mouth Sores

Did you know that mouth sore is also a common effect of the periodontal problem? A mouth sore can either be bothersome or pesky. Mouth sores that tend to occur on the mouth mostly and not on your lips are calker. Calker becomes a concern when they don’t disappear past two weeks.


Guides with this article, you can get a clear picture of how periodontal disease could affect your oral health to even worse conditions. Keep that in mind, always maintain a clean mouth, and regularly visit Hawthorne dental to check up on your oral health from time to time.