Each person’s photography preferences and style vary from decor to dress on any occasion. However, it becomes tricky when it’s time to hire a professional photographer for a birthday party, wedding ceremony, etc. Choosing a professional photographer should be the first factor to consider if you need to achieve your desired style. Then photography style and techniques are essential factors to consider. At times you may be stuck and your head full of thoughts wondering who to hire as your photographer? With a professional photographer, you can get the best styling hacks for your event to match your theme and all other plans for your day.

Richard Reinsdorf and his achievements

At 11 years old, Richard Reinsdorf discovered his love for photography. He attempted to aim for a perfect shot of the New York Atlas building with his Kodak camera while on vacation with his family. Richard focused on building his portfolio with emerging talent from Los Angeles models; the elite and ford, from his first attempt to capture the building.

Richard developed his career for a global reach and got recognized by well-known clients. It earned his name an excellent reputation among top celebrities like Ariana Grande, Randy Jackson,  Steve Aoki, and Betty White. His professionalism in photography also secured him partnerships with Heineken, coca-cola, Sony, and Levi Strauss for advertising. While auditorial for  SOMA, cosmopolitan, playboy, and Elle. 

While developing his career, Richard got exposed to interviews and invitations about his techniques in PC photos and digital pro magazines. His photo spreads utilize a unifying theme that connects pictures for a series of patterns, colors, or a storyline. Additionally, his collection of shoots always displays the magnitude of the diverse location worldwide, from shooting in his native home of sunny southern California to Brazil favelas and beaches in the Bahamas. Richards’s easy-going style has an exceptional way of turning all aspects of the photoshoot into the best in his subject with consistency. 


As a professional skill, photography is a versatile skill beyond capturing images. There are several techniques you’ll have to include to improve the craft of photography and become a great photographer. Make sure you give yourself enough time to learn the fundamentals of photography, whether you want to gain experience and expertise in studio lighting, Photoshop, or pricing your work. Richard Reinsdorf, like many other photographers, is a well-known and experienced photographer who has excelled in his field.