What comes to your mind when you hear about the SEAL program or Select Entry Accelerated Learning program? If you are thinking that this program allows gifted and talented students in a range of Victorian public schools to learn and practice at an accelerated pace, then you are absolutely right.

It is an initiative run by the Victorian Education Department to ensure that gifted, talented, and motivated students are given the best possible chance and different opportunities to achieve excellence in their education. Select Entry Accelerated learning program runs for years 7-10 and allows talented and advanced students a chance to work at a more accelerated and advanced pace.

What does the Select Entry Accelerated Learning program involve?

As mentioned earlier, this program allows talented and gifted students in a range of Victorian public schools to progress with the help of more advanced coursework at a faster pace. The program is perfect for students who are motivated and always ready to face challenges.

Students enrolled in this program generally complete the years 7-10 of their high school education in 3 years. This ultimately leaves them with new opportunities and options for how they wish to complete their final VCE years. Some students complete their VCE in the next two years, while other students use the extra year to finish a wider range of VCE and university additional subjects. In the end, the extra year will eventually give students a much better chance of achieving the good ATAR score that they wish for.  

Select Entry Accelerated Learning program is designed for students entering high schools who are dedicated, hard-working, creative, experienced, and who have a high level of maturity. Along with these capabilities, students are expected to have the ability to work independently and also know how to manage things in different situations.

Therefore, it becomes very important to help your child in the preparation for these highly competitive talented, and gifted exams. With the help of online practice papers, students can also learn the basic concepts as these are designed with the help of experienced teachers and experts. With such online practice papers, it becomes easy for students to experience the types of questions asked in timed conditions. The exam would include questions on Writing, Mathematical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning


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