If you are relying on traditional communication tools such as mobile networks and landlines numbers. In the latest era, people want seamless communication to share ideas and make sure that information is passed in an efficient and secure way, all businesses shift to VoIP technology. 

The VoIP system allows you to make and receive calls by using an internet connection. The VoIP system allows you to enjoy multiple features as compared to the traditional phone system. The important point is that VoIP offers effortless communication at affordable prices. The setup of the equipment is quite easy.

There are a few things you need to consider when connecting a VoIP phone to your laptops, computers.

Getting started with VoIP with your computer: 

After placing the order, the VoIP service Provider initializes the setup process. The installation of the VoIP Phone system is quite easy.

The VoIP service provider also provides the hardware and the end-user with the VoIP Phone. On that day, you will set up the on-site software and proper installation of hardware. You must follow the training session for the end-users. You must be familiar with new equipment. Everything is set up on the internet speed.  The final step is to complete the process. You must choose the date and select the time of the phone number to be ported. The overall services are being activated.

The certified technicians need to make sure that all hardware equipment is working in an efficient and proper manner. After the installation, you will have to physically plug the phone system into your computer. You will have to simply connect to the Ethernet cable from the backside of the phone into the computer Ethernet slot.

After completing the process, the telephone numbers will have to be used with the portal. The process requires filling out a letter of agency. Newport is available in the existing number. You can make your business phone completely operational.

Needed VoIP Tools Software and Hardware: 

The VoIP service providers provide you with all the necessary components. All you need to take advantage of the VoIP services. What kind of equipment do you actually need? It also depends upon what type of providers you actually work with. What kind of transition to VoIP entails.


When a technical problem arises, traditional landline providers use excessive wiring. Sometimes it creates complicated technical issues. With the new arrival of technology, new updates come or security measures are required. All the VoIP work can be done by expert technicians. 

Which can cause business hours to be disrupted or prevent normal operations from taking place. Choosing to work with a cloud-based provider of VoIP services, on the other hand, eliminates the need for troublesome equipment and gives users the freedom to perform rapid communication and maintain user requests in an efficient and reliable way. The user can easily deal with troubleshooting problems with accessible applications.

By using the VoIP, you can remove the outdated equipment and a smooth transition can take place. You can make room for new places. The installation of the software can be scheduled with a regular check-up. 

The cloud service Providers give you complete peace of mind and provide complete flexibility to your team members. You can save money and get entertained with low monthly fees.

Usage of VoIP is simple and Reliable:

When you are discussing VoIP. VoIP phone systems provide a reliable solution. The demand is rarely observed by other cloud providers. You don’t need to take the chances with the cloud-based telecom system.

Commonly using telephone wire like (RJ11) does not support VoIP. Every workstation must-have category 5(CAT5), category 6 (CAT6) where you are installing VoIP installed with an Ethernet jack (RJ45). If throughput is greater than 100Mbps then CAT6 cable would be used. Mostly Lumen, an electrician, Lumen professional services or choose whatever provider you like to install cabling.

VoIP mainly has two components:

1.     Internet Accessibility

Various bandwidth and IP configurations to support the needs of the organization are offered through (DIA) Dedicated Internet Access, Lumen IQ, or Metro Ethernet.
Lumen expert will be in touch with you throughout the installation or for a fee allowing you to use an already installed rental router. Ask your Lumen provider to get confirmation that hardware has been installed and allowed for the use of the Lumen network. The Lumen router will need proper shelf space at your desired location where you want to install it.

2.  VoIP Phone Installation

The phone might be shipped directly to your organization along with a designated router/switch. It depends on the timing of internet service, there also can be more than one hardware delivery.

Experts will follow the appropriate guidelines scenario mentioned below:

CAT5 or CAT6 cabling should have been directly connected to an Ethernet jack supported to your LAN switch for every single phone. This concept is also called home run cabling management.

Every IP phone is delivered with a six feet Ethernet cord, which is always used to connect the computer to the Ethernet jack via phone. If the Location of the phone is farther than a six feet Ethernet jack then you need longer Ethernet cords.

  • Possibility A

Single (CAT5), (CAT6) at the table. VoIP USA phones are in the range of computer or patch panels.

  1. Plug the VoIP phone into the computer using the PC Ethernet slot.
  1. Attach the VoIP phone cable into the Ethernet Jack slot.

The cable from the jack must be connected to the patch panel 

·        Possibility B

Single CAT5, CAT6 at the table: VoIP phones are in range with computer and no patch panel

  1. Plug the VoIP phone into the computer using an Ethernet slot.
  1. The CAT5, CAT6 cable from slot plug directly into Ethernet slot.
  • Possibility C

More than one or Two (CAT5) or (CAt6) cables on each location with a patch panel

  1. Attach the computer to the Ethernet slot using (CAT5) or (CAT6) cable.
  1. Attach the phone into an Ethernet slot using (CAT5) or (CAT6) cable.

(CAT5), (CAT6) from Ethernet slot should be attached to the patch panel