A marriage certificate is a legal document that is of immense importance in all countries worldwide. One can require it on several occasions, such as during application procedures of Immigration. It is also a part of visa documents to establish a case for alimony or spousal support. In certain cases, it also determines the distribution of marital assets on divorce or to get registered as a married individual. Therefore, a translated marriage certificate is important.

How to Change Your Spanish Marriage Certificate to English?

A Spanish marriage certificate translated into English is indispensable for official use. Your receiver requires certification to verify that the translation is complete and accurate. This type of translation is common in submission to Immigration, universities, courts, and many local, state, and federal governments.

Many companies are providing certified translated certificates. Although it would be best to translate Spanish marriage certificates for the sake of Immigration, you must check some of the cases for safety purposes. In addition, translation of Marriage certificates requires a high level of accuracy and reliability. 

Choosing a reliable Spanish translation agency is most important. It confirms that the translation is certified for legal usage. At The Translation Group, they employ only skilled and experienced translators for the job. There are translation service providers who have years of experience in their field of work. It is a team of expert bilingual translators skilled in major foreign languages. They provide accuracy in the interpretation matching each local language and law.

Important Points to Keep in Mind:

  1. To avail translation for your marriage document, send your marriage certificate in DOCX, PDF, or image.
  2. One should always ensure the legalization required for the translated documents before authorizing the work.
  3. The level of legalization varies, corresponding to the nature of the document. This step aims to ensure the whereabouts and legality of the certificate.
  4. It always makes sense to check with the concerned authorities whether the authorities will accept the translation one had provided.

The certified marriage certificate translated into English must be a complete mirror image of the original document. One must then attach or add a Certification by Translator, which must bear the following details:

  • Full name of the translator or the translation company
  • Address of translator or company
  • A certifying statement regarding the accuracy and completeness of the translation and the competence of the translator
  • Date of certification
  • Signature of the certifying translator or company

There are Certain Limitations that Every Translated Certificate Must Possess:

A poor translation of the marriage certificate leads to the immigration authority rejecting it. Therefore, it’s better not to select one translator but choose two or three and ask to see testimonials proving the immigration authorities have accepted their marriage certificate translations.

In some instances, like in a translation agency, the translator will not be the one who signs the certification when they translate a marriage certificate. This is because the translation company or agency will have to ensure double-checking and proofreading by another person, other than the translator, to ensure quality and for added security and accuracy. In this case, the company’s general manager signs and stamps the certification. 

To conclude, you need to hire the most expert and well-established translation service providers to translate marriage certificates. In addition, you must double-check and proofread your translation.