IHiS is prominent multi-award-winning healthcare IT leader that digitizes, connects, and analyses Singapore’s health ecosystem. It aims to improve the Singapore population’s health and administration by integrating intelligent, highly resilient, and cost-effective technologies with processes and people.

It has played a great role in helping major public health care institutions. Therefore it has become the first in the Asia Pacific to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6 and 7, international benchmarks for advanced technology used in patient care. It has garnered more than 130 awards for its innovations by transforming healthcare solutions through smart technology. Also, it has extended its support to more than 50,000 healthcare users in Singapore’s health ecosystem through applying clinical informatics, data science, computer science,  mechatronics, and standards-based IT that enables information exchange and cross-boundary workflows, analysis, statistical and machine learning techniques to discover insights.

IHiS sits at an exciting crossroad between health and technology. Over the past years, it has integrated intelligent, resilient, secure, and cost-effective technology that makes people and processes to healthcare solutions more effective, accessible, inclusive, and safer for all patients. 

During the pandemic outbreak,  IHiS values of health tech were made more apparent, which enabled them to move at speed and scale to deal with the corresponding national resources and rapidly evolving threat environment. 

Defending Singapore’s Health Tech Security

vulnerability in cyberspace is increasing and becoming most common. In healthcare institutions,  cyber security is increasingly becoming a threat and even more complex, with sophisticated and varied risks emerging each day. It forces a constant arms race of speed and defense from system engineers for protection against all possible threats. Therefore, IHiS essentially focuses on strengthening Singapore’s defense while safeguarding public healthcare data and information from getting compromised.

Potential career path and developmental opportunities for scholars

Since Ihis believes in continuous education, it allows everyone to learn, grow and develop their respective capabilities and interests to the fullest for business and personal goals. there are two general tracks; 

  • Management track for those focusing on managers’ responsibilities
  • Technical track those aspiring for technical expertise in specified technology.


Following IHiS initiatives, do not hesitate to be part of their cause as they strive to innovate and revolutionize the healthcare landscape. It partners with administrators, clinicians, technologists, policy-makers, planners, academics, and industry partners and works towards common goals. It will lead to technological enablement in the healthcare space and collaboration with public healthcare institutions, MOH, and community care stakeholders.