Community outreach programs are an excellent way to incorporate corporate social responsibility for businesses. It increases your brand’s visibility. If people believe that you care about your community, they associate higher value with your company’s name.

If you’re new or a small business, it can be used as a customer acquisition campaign. When you go out in the community and engage with people in real-time, you’ll build a long-lasting image and support from your community.

Additionally, Bill Schantz says, if you’re profiting from the people in your area, it becomes your responsibility to try and give back to them.

Check out the top 3 reasons why community outreach programs will help your business below.

1.     Finding New Customers

If you’re a new business, the chances are that you struggle with creating an identity for your brand that attracts customers. Community outreach programs give your business the exposure and the positive reputation that draws out new customers.

You don’t need to start with extravagant charitable actions, and it can just be as simple as sponsoring a local children’s team for a tournament or providing them with their kits. You can also incentivize your employees to participate in community service programs.

Hosting charity dinners for local NGOs is also another brilliant way to introduce your brand to your local community.

Community outreach that closely touches people’s lives will encourage people to support your business as well as build lifelong relationships.   

2.     Customer Loyalty

Several studies have shown that customers develop a sense of loyalty and buy from companies that support local charities and host regular community outreach events. Some people even go as far as supporting these businesses at the cost of their own convenience.

Charitable drives build a soft image of the business in people’s minds. It is also a great way to attract highly employees that prefer working for socially conscious and involved organizations.

According to Bill Schantz, Long-term partnership with a local NGO is another excellent way to incorporate a community outreach policy in your company. 

3.     Creating long-lasting value

Community outreach is not something you can reduce down to a marketing stunt. It has far long-lasting effects and creates long-term value for your brand. The programs you initiate, the charity drives you host, and the local teams you support will leave a life-long mark on your community.

People will feel ownership of the growth of your company, and it will dramatically increase your visibility and relevance in society.

Instead of draining thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, a simple act of giving can go a long way to keep bringing customers back to you.

Final Thoughts

Corporate social responsibility through community outreach will not only help your business boost, but it will also associate a valuable reputation to it. People tend to trust those brands that show that they care and remain loyal to them forever. For more information, visit Bill Schantz blog.