Most people were young the last time they picked a hula hoop, thinking it was a mere children’s play. Did you know regardless of your two-digit age, you can still hoop your way to better fitness and a great beach body in less time and exertion than you might imagine? Infinity Hoop provides you with a high-quality hula hoop than the standard way we’re all used to. With the right hula hoop, here is some hula hoop exercise you can perform comfortably to get in shape and strengthen core areas like your abs.

  • Stretching first

Before starting your workout, you should warm up with simple stretching exercises. Hold the hula hoop from the inside with your arms, place a part of it near the small of your back, and the circle will frame your face. Then move your waist slowly and stretch to the left for a count of three and back to the right for the same, and repeat it several times. 

  • The side stance

It’s similar to the traditional method, but for this, you turn your body to the side as if you had just taken a step forward. Your body should appear a bit sideways as compared to the traditional method. This kind of hula hooping burns about 400-600 calories per hour.

  • Add lunges

You might start getting dizzy from the halo moves. Keep the hoop in motion over your head and perform forward lunges instead of spinning your body around. It’s an activity that might take a bit of practice, but in the end, you have the best results for your abs, thighs and calves

  • Passing

Passing is a simple technique of passing the hula hoop from one hand to the other while making a complete rotation around your back. It may sound simple, but after about twenty or more repeat sessions, you’ll likely feel it in your arms and abs.

  • The halo

The halo is named after what appears to be a halo over your head. With your wrist, twirl the hula hoop above your head six times. Grab it to stop and twirl your body around four times before you stop.


The Infinity Hoop should cross your mind if you plan successful workout sessions with the best results. They’ll get you the kind of hula hoop that meets your demands for a fun and challenging exercise to keep your body in shape and entertain your brain. You’ll maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Look at Infinity Hoop reviews to make the top choice when looking for a weighted hoop because it uses durable materials and is good for beginners.