What is the biggest difference between a hardworking student and a smart-working student? The latter gets the equivalent results for much less effort and time spent. How is this possible? Simple: They follow a series of tips and adopt certain strategies that help them to cope with the ISC board examination curriculum in a thorough and time-efficient manner. These tips basically help them work their way around the syllabus in a strategic fashion. This way, they can tune out the unnecessary information and learn only that which is absolutely indispensable.

A complete guide towards securing commendable marks in ISC Board Exams 2021 – Tips and Scoring Strategies

The first thing you need to realize is that for examinations like ISC boards, you need to keep your wits about you. Solving sample papers is customary (to buy ISC Sample Paper, click here) but there is more to ISC boards than that. That being said, there is no need to fret. Instead, you should work on your strategies and follow the tips mentioned below:

1.       Learn time management – Managing your time during your preparation process and when solving papers is crucial. It gets you into the habit of allocating time towards different sections of the question paper and question banks (to buy ISC Question Banks). It also teaches you to deal with the pressure of having time constraints and having to solve evaluative and critically challenging questions, all at once. If you do not learn to manage your time properly, you will fall prey to the pressure and probably end up not performing as well or maybe even fail to complete the paper.

2.       Revision is the key – Since you are going to be learning something new each day, you need to make sure that you find time to revise these topics each day. For example, after each day’s study session, allot some time to revision, whereby you revisit topics that you have covered the day before. You can always seek the help of question banks. To find ISC Question Bank Class 12 2021. Repeating this process every day will help keep the syllabus fresh in your mind, enhance your memory and also facilitate easy recollection as and when needed.

3.       Practice Solving Papers – If there is one habit that is better than even studying, then it is definitely the habit of solving papers. Sample Papers, for example, contain critically evaluative questions that are set by some of the most highly acclaimed minds in academia and to buy the best ISC Sample Paper Class 12 2021. Also, going through solved papers and solving question banks will allow you to gain some insight as to how the board sets the question paper and what kind of answers they are looking for. This will help you stay one step ahead of the others.

4.       Write when you study – Not only will you have your own notes to revise from later on, but this is a practice that has proved beneficial and highly effective when it comes to quick memorizing of information. It enhances your retention capabilities, helps you articulate the pieces of information in your own words and also helps during revision sessions. Also, writing what you learn in your own words can help develop your answering skills.

5.       Don’t leave out topics – Granted, that some topics are more important than the rest, you cannot afford to leave out the less-important ones. Even if you are not as thorough about it, make sure you are aware of the gist of it and can answer questions related to those topics in a generic fashion. Get yourself some quality books that help explain topics in an elementary fashion. To buy a-grade ISC Books, click here.

Time and again, these strategies have worked wonders for toppers. Adopt these strategies and start studying before it is too late.