Managing staff attendance and timekeeping is one of the most difficult tasks that employers and company owners face. Your workers are your most valuable assets, and keeping correct records of their working hours, shifts, and leave is critical. Indeed, it can make a significant difference in the way your company functions, not to mention increase production and efficiency. Previously, businesses utilized a manual approach to track their employees’ attendance. This resulted in numerous payroll irregularities as well as lowered staff productivity and efficiency.

However, with the advent of technology, it is now simpler than ever to keep track of your employees’ attendance with the use of a tereo tech facial recognition employee attendance management system.

With Tereo Tech’s Advanced Management Solutions, You Can Now Quickly Do Payroll Reconciliation.

Managing your staff’s attendance is linked to your organization’s overall productivity. When it comes to worker attendance, regularity and timeliness are two essential characteristics. Attendance is determined by a variety of factors such as punch-in time, break hours, half-day, absenteeism, allotted shifts, overtime, and more. Employees are underpaid or overpaid when there is no appropriate record of any such characteristic. As a result, employees are dissatisfied, and their morale suffers. However, when it comes to salary processing, attendance data alone is insufficient. Payroll integration combines the time-attendance system with the payroll process by connecting attendance data with payroll software.

The Tereo Tech Face Recognition employee attendance management system is based on keeping employees, HR, and finance teams pleased. It provides low-cost, simple-to-implement solutions that include several value-added features. TereoTech Solutions is a leading operator of Face Recognition Attendance Solutions and assists businesses with a variety of workplace digital solutions that protect their firms, personnel, and resources. Tereotech Face Recognition technology-based Attendance is the go-to solution for a variety of reasons. 

  • The following are the top five benefits of adopting our Face Recognition Attendance system for businesses and employees:
  1. Contactless Attendance – Using our Face Recognition technology, businesses can provide their employees with their own Company Branded Attendance App, which they can use to record their attendance from the convenience of their own mobile devices.
  1. On Premise and On-Field / Remote Attendance : The tereotech Face Recognition Attendance App allows companies to provide their employees with a single solution that can be utilized in the office or remotely.
  1. App-based Leave Management – our Face Recognition technology-based employee attendance management system includes Leave Management, which allows employees to submit leave/vacation requests using their App.
  1. Employee Satisfaction – The most significant aspect of tereotech face recognition technology-based attendance solutions is their flexibility and ease of use.

Tereotech Face Recognition Attendance And Payroll Solutions 

Employees want their employers to provide them with digital solutions to help them with their jobs. Tereotech assists HR and administrative teams in streamlining and securing their employee-facing procedures, allowing them to provide a superior employee and brand experience within their enterprises.

  • The following are the advantages of our superior and dependable face recognition attendance and payroll system:
  • Accurate Payroll Processing:

The tereotech face recognition technology collects employee attendance data in real-time, and payroll integration transfers this data to payroll software instantly. The automated procedure reduces the need for manual intervention and is more efficient, resulting in more accurate payroll processing.

  • Centralized Attendance Data:

Payroll processing for workers who work remotely or from numerous locations can be a monumental undertaking at times. A major issue for the HR department is a lack of consolidated and reliable data for payroll processing. With our face recognition technology system, correct attendance data can be ensured. When your payroll system and attendance system are in sync, you can access the correct data for payroll processing.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Control:

 Keeping track of worker attendance statistics can be difficult for any firm. However, the strength of integration allows for real-time analysis of working hours, absence trends, and more with a single click.

  • Integrated Payroll:

Our Face Recognition App-based Solutions include Integrated Payroll, which can be tailored to the specific needs of various enterprises. 

Be it fixed compensation, hourly wages, or a combination, these new age solutions provide incredible flexibility, allowing companies to pick anything off the shelf, adapt, and roll out a brand new attendance solution throughout their offices in less than a day.

Tereo Tech: The New Face Of Workplace Innovation

The speed at which businesses operate today to survive and expand has never been faster. Companies that do not reform and become nimble are simply rendered obsolete by market forces and eventually cease to exist. Workplace Digital Solutions help businesses meet auditors, certification, and regulatory agencies with visible, auditable, and verifiable compliance-driven operations. TereoTech Solutions is a leading provider of workplace digital solutions that are meant to assist businesses in meeting these business objectives while also keeping their employees and customers satisfied.

TereoTech believes that the confluence of technologies such as Deep AI, ML, IoT, Analytics, and Visualization has enormous innovation potential, increasing organizational security controls, productivity, performance, and employee experiences.