All the hodophiles look for experiences that excite them. Wondering what a hodophile is? A person who loves to travel, then why travel lovers have a dull name? So can be your travel experience, dull, if you aren’t aware of things that would take your trip to the next level.

Everyone gets attracted when they search a place online or go through pictures, and make up their mind in an instant to plan a visit there. However, there is more to just visiting a place. Where you will stay, how you’ll find a good place to stay, and most importantly, will the accommodation help in enhancing your travel experience?

Similar is the case with exploring national parks, once you finalize the one you want to visit, you should ask these questions to yourself. Don’t go away yet, this article has got answers too, read on to find some important things to keep in mind before choosing accommodation in national parks:


Budget, the most common yet important aspect of every travel plan. This is entirely your call, after all the money will be spent from your pocket, unless you are planning to rob a bank. Talking about accommodation in Jim Corbett National Park, you have a myriad of options available. There are hotels, resorts, jungle lodges, and more, you can pick one that matches your budget.


You would not want to get tired from traveling back and forth from your accommodation to the places you wish to explore. It can be the case if you thoughtlessly book accommodation only to find out it is far away from tourist spots. Therefore, it is important to know the location of the accommodation you choose. Is it located close to the national park? If not, are there any attractions nearby, such as a hill view, river, farms, etc.

Nearby Zone

This is the most important thing. You must discover, before booking, near which tourism zone is the resort located. Whether you will have access to other zones from this place or not? If yes, how far are they located? This way, you’ll get to visit more places in your short stay at the location. All this will help you have a journey that you’ll remember for long, if not forever.

Month of Travel

As kids, adults too, everybody fascinates staying in a tented camp. It’s not quite wise if you are traveling in peak winters or peak summers. However tempting the insulation of the tent might be but the instant mercury touches 40 degrees, it becomes a furnace. Similarly in winters, when it goes down to 5 degrees, you’ll feel like you are sleeping in a freezer.


Does it seem like too much research? Yes, it actually is. Since you are going to spend your hard-earned money, it is worth researching NASA if you have to. There are plenty of options for accommodation in Jim Corbett National Park, consider reviewing all of them before starting to pack things up and getting on the move. Unless you have superpowers, you won’t be traveling to different places every day, so ensure to make you every trip remarkable, and these points will definitely help you have one.