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La Nica Products Inc, founded in 1988, bases its operations in Miami and Nicaragua. It is well known for delivering the finest quality cheese and dairy products. It also worked on extending its reach in other regions of America, offering quality dairy products. They’ve also put effort into instilling and creating a mesmerizing experience with the taste of central America. By valuing the importance of customers, they are keen on listening to them and their experiences.

LA Nica Products Inc: Firm Description and  Records.

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COMPANY NAME: LA Nica Products Inc. 




COUNTY: Miami Dade

STATE:  Florida 

La Nica products inc: Well known for the best cheese production

At La Nica, cheese makers understand the art and science of cheese production by being keen on measurements of pH levels and injections of specific molds as they make their senses of sight, touch, and smell. They follow the typical step-by-step process to turn milk into cheese safe for human consumption. Here are the critical cheese-making steps; acidification, coagulation, separating curds and whey, salting, shaping,  ripening, and packaging.

Add flavor to your food from La Nica Inc cheese products.

Since they have experienced cheesemakers, they clearly explain that the type of milk produces the type of cheese made. For Instance, cows milk produces camembert cheese, while buffalo milk produces buffalo mozzarella. This comprehension makes them produce the best and finest quality cheese and dairy products you can use to add flavor to your food. 

Differences in cheese characteristics

With the basic production steps and ingredients, cheeses’ characteristics vary, including color, aroma, texture, flavour, firmness, presence of mold, and cheese. Here is how it goes down;

  • Milk source

While all milk comprises the same essential elements, there’s variation in type and breed of animal, season and geographic location, and health and nutrition of the animal. For Instance, goat milk produces white cheese with a distinctive flavour. On the other hand, sheep milk with high-fat content makes creamy-textured cheese. 

  • Moisture content

Moisture content mainly classifies cheese from very soft to very hard. However, there are no distinct boundaries between these cheese categories as some can move between categories depending on the length of aging. 

  • Addition of mould

Some cheese adds mould culture at the initial stages of production. While aging, cheese is pierced with fine metal rods to create air channels—mould grows along the veins within the cheese. However, the case differs from Camembert, where the mould grows outside the cheese. 

  • Ripening affects flavour and texture.

Freshly made cheese tastes salty and quite bland. The aging process helps it develop flavor. As cheese ages, microbes and enzymes break down the casein proteins. It, in turn, changes the texture and intensifies its flavour. Ripening is usually controlled by different temperatures and humidity levels that affect the rate of ripening, rind formation, and loss of moisture. Therefore developing a more robust flavour becomes harder and more crumbly in texture. Ripening usually takes days to years, depending on the variety of cheese.


If you need further information about La Nica Products Inc., you can make your quote or reach out to them using the appropriate contact on their homepage. They are highly reliable as they’ve maintained their brand for a couple of years by offering pure, hygienic, and high-quality products.