An architect is a person who uses his knowledge and skills in architecture to construct a building. In modern architecture, engineers have the freedom to design without supposing whether they will perform better over time. The idea of ​​modernism is to create a structure that functions well. Modern homes are revolutionary because they embrace the concept of more space and reject extra elements. Due to this, modern architecture takes up more space, and now it becomes too cold for daily living. Over time, many talented and hardworking architects have joined this business, and Leesa Fazal is a well-known architect in Las Vegas. 

Leesa is the owner of Leesa Fazal Architects in Las Vegas, one such prolific architect who has provided her clients with amazing architectural designs and a wide range of specialist architectural services for the past two years. She has developed excellence in her profession with extended practice in this field. She is best known in the industry for providing excellence in her work. She specializes in creating superior design and cost-effective architectural solutions and strives to provide a range of reliable services to her clients. In this blog, we will discuss her insights into modern and postmodern architecture.

Modernism and Postmodernism architecture: 

Modernism and Postmodernism architecture both refer to a design movement, and They might follow similar key ideas in design. There are still massive differences between Modernist and Postmodernist architecture. 

The Difference:

Modern architecture mainly focuses on the functionality of the construction in form, and is basically identified by “form follows function”. According to Leesa Fazal, modern architects were focused on minimizing the historical buildings and replacing them with modern buildings to adapt them to the rapid technological development.

Modern architecture explains the beauty of design in a simply different way. They look for the beauty of the design in its simplicity by removing the extra and unnecessary details, acknowledging the fact that “less is more”. In modern architecture, most building structures are about verticality and horizontality. 

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On the contrary, they emphasized the function through the meaning and originality of the building. In postmodernism structures, architects highlight the importance of creating a sense of the place, by building strong relationships among the city’s occupants with its historical buildings, whereas modern architecture “lacked cultural depth”. Moreover, modern architecture highlights the genius functions in design, and Postmodernism considers the aesthetic values in design.


Modern and postmodern architecture both highlight the notion of the functionality of design and its placemaking, but in completely different ways. Las Vegas is a fascinating mixture of modern architecture. It is the land of beautiful architectural buildings and always strives to offer the visitors the opportunity to recapitulate all possible architectural history of the past 50 years. Modern planners have made many improvements to the skyline of the city. Leesa Fazal is a well-known architect in Vegas, and she has earned a good reputation for her outstanding design and cost-friendly architectural solutions. She has a great experience in commercial, office, mixed-use, interior design, institutional, multifamily, and renovation projects.