Magdalena “Mags” Lybolt is an experienced entrepreneur and accomplished author. Magdalena is aware of the effort needed to build and manage a company, write numerous books, and be an incredible mom to her kids.

In addition, with an MBA in Business which she received at Purdue University, Mags Lybolt had plenty of knowledge about businesses and had a particular focus on technology and marketing. In her late 20s,  Mags created and launched an extremely profitable company in the marketing sector.

It was significant because numerous other companies were shutting down or not launching because of the economic downturn the United States was experiencing during the time.

With such impressive talent, Mags was inspired as she worked closely with doctors. As marketing coordinator for the physical therapy company, she saw the amazing results she achieved and the fact that physicians weren’t using effective marketing for their businesses.

So, Mags decided to strike herself on her own and start a business. Based on her expertise and knowledge, Mags made quick work of helping physicians build and grow their businesses. Mags was able to launch seven accounts within the first month of business with great success. The company grew quickly and became extremely profitable.

Author Mags has, at times, adopted a distinctive approach to her craft. Many writers are thrilled to release their work with their names on the front. For Mags, however, she often writes under a pen name when it’s a feeling of instinct. Her written topics are not only personal to her but to many people. The book is meant to “find the reader.” She has written with the aim to provide genuine assistance, but only for those who are attracted to the book through a genuine connection.

Two new books are to be released under the Mags Lybolt name, including “You Got This” and “Prayers to Pray Over Your Children.” “You Got This” is an ebook that is designed to bless and inspire readers. “Prayers to Pray Over Your Children” is an easy-to-read book that includes brief prayers that will bless your child when you read them out loud to them.

Mags Lybolt discovered that there were not many books available for parents who would like to pray with their children. The book was created to aid parents, and guardians pray throughout the night or day. Parents may have difficulty deciding which kind of prayer to pray, and this book was designed to give many examples of prayers and prayers that parents can pray over their children each day.