Did you know you when applying for immigration, there is a need for you to properly navigate the immigration process with the help of immigration layers? Generally, the Immigration layer is just Immigrants working with the immigration office in Tampa to help people straining to apply for immigration regarding the complicated legal problem and some unavoidable mistakes that will make your immigration process not accepted unnecessary financial costs and delays. This article will aim to point out several mistakes that may kill your Immigration application to help you avoid the same mistakes.

Failing to Provide All Legal Document to Immigration Office

You are strongly advised to provide all legal documents to support your application to the Immigration office Tampa when applying for immigration or filing a petition. For this reason, failure to submit relevant supporting documents during the immigration process may lead to delays or kill your application process until you provide the supporting documents for initial filing to prove your eligibility for sought benefits.

Filing Incorrect Details When Applying for Immigration

We all know petitions for alien are usually completed and signed under penalty of perjury by the petitioner. Therefore, always ensure the copies submitted are exact copies of the original documents. Therefore, it is important to fill in correct information from your records that can be used to determine your eligibility for immigration benefits. Also, an appointment of biometrics and sign an oath Information you have submitted is correct as filing incorrect details may kill your immigration applications.

Sending Incomplete Forms and Paperworks

Immigration applications generally involve piles of forms and paperwork relevant to support your application. For this reason, it is always important to make sure you have submitted all the necessary forms to the Immigration office. Failing to send all the relevant documents will make your application declared incomplete. This action will make your forms and paperwork rejected in the immigration office, killing your immigration application.

Sending wrong payment fee for filing to Immigration office

Did you know that in most of the documents submitted to the Immigration office in Tampa, there are always legal payments for the filing process? Therefore, it is a requirement for you to provide exact payment, usually attached with files, before processing your paperwork begins. Therefore if you send the wrong payment or lower payment, your immigration application will be rejected.

Sending Untranslated Documents

Immigration application documents may sometimes be written in another language other than English. For this reason, all relevant documents submitted to the Immigration office must be correctly translated from foreign language to English to certify that the documents give true and accurate information failure to which the application will be rejected.

Forgetting to Sign Your Documents

Signing your application documents is a very important activity when applying for immigration. There are usually appropriate places in Immigration application forms where you must sign with your name depending on the application. Application forms that are not dully signed may lead to the application form being rejected.


We all know humans are prone to mistakes. Therefore many mistakes may happen when applying for immigration. Therefore, it would be best always to be wise and keen to avoid your immigration application being rejected.