Fringes give an outstanding detail to your garment if put together with correct drafting and coordinated with a classic look. Fringes are the fabric trims that can be used to style anything, whether it is a jacket, a skirt, a bag, a wrap, or can add detail to a short dress and even to your boots and can be styled to lot more things. Trimming the fabric and attaching it with any button, zip or thread is Fringe Trimming Haberdasheryand it is done to give a beautiful and unique look to your fabric. Here is a list of Most Astonishing Ways to Style your fabric with fringes as there are uncountable ways……have a look….

Most Astonishing Ways to Style your fabric with fringes

Self-Fabric Fringe – 

You can style your fabric by just making the fringe out of fabric only, as you can make the fringe from the weave of the fabric itself. When a fabric frays and is not able to unravel, you can make a fringe style out of those frays by making a straight stitch across the fabric edge some 1/2 inches inside. You can also use this fringe technique on your old jeans to give it a funky look by making a slit on your jeans and then one by one removing the weft thread, and you are left with only warp thread as your fringe. 

Fabric Strip / Leather Fringes – 

Leather fringes are used on styling leather bags, leather shoes, leather skirts and many other types of attire. All you need to do is cut a strip of about 4 inches or longer from your leather fabric. Then, mark a straight line with a scale at 1/4 inch apart and keep cutting 1/2 inch long fringes till the other edge with very sharp scissors. And you have a new trendy look ready to flaunt. 

Knit Fringes – 

One of the best ways to give your attire a great and different look is knit fringes. These fringes look classy, and they never travel. You need to cut very thin fringes of your fabric and stretch them slightly. This will give you small curls, and there you have your new look. You can also knot these bunches if you like it that way. 

Beaded Fringe – 

If you want something fancy and sequins to look on your fabric, then embellishing it with Beaded fringes would be a great decision. These fringes look prettiest for any party outfit, but it takes a lot of effort as you need to work on needles and thread throughout the edge for getting that beaded fringe. 

Brush Fringes – 

These fringes look beautiful whether you are putting them on any jute bag or ethnic top. They are very simple to make as all you need to do just make a loop fringe with some strands with embroidery thread and then cut them to get those brush fringes. 

Final Words –

If you were struggling for figuring out how to give your special dress a unique yet classy look, then check out the Most Astonishing Ways to Style your fabric with fringes as listed above. And if you are a diligent person that goes with Fringe Trimming Haberdashery using the beaded fringe technique to give your attire an elegant and shimmery look.