PWD, a digital agency with Oliver Woods as managing director, has made possible the success of many upcoming projects and companies such as the WA spaceport and Netlink in various ways.

Netlink was one of West Australia’s first managed service providers, explains Oliver Wood PWD. Western Australian managed IT services consulting company Netlink has rebranded its business with the help of digital agency PWD. The company has been setting the industry standard for twenty-seven years and prides itself on delivering its customers the most up-to-date technology and solutions. It realized it needed a brand identity and website to match.

Oliver Wood PWD recommended an entirely new brand identity and web platform, and the agency modernized and updated logos and branding. Oliver Wood PWD also advises keeping the look and feel of the brand intact and drawing on the history of the business and the company’s brand messaging and wording across all communications and developing a consistent brand look and feel, and creating a new streamlined website. The result was revealed at a launch event at Optus stadium.

Since Netlinlk’s rebrand was unveiled, the company has enjoyed increased traffic to its website, a boost of 37% in two months, Oliver Wood PWD said. There was also an increase in sales of upto 20%from the past year. Oliver Wood PWD says they are proud to have contributed to Netlink’s growth.

When Oliver Woods PWD and his team relocated to the same building in 2019, they engaged Netlink to help them install their network connectivity and infrastructure. Oliver Woods PWD formed a relationship with his team and Steve Van Bloommenstein, managing directors of PWD and Netlink, respectively. They planted this relationship to use their services to help boost their brand in the west Australian market.

When covid struck, Netlink was massively impacted by a significant downturn in their sales. It became a catalyst to engage PWD to completely overhaul Netlink’s brand, web page, and promotional material to reignite its presence and sales in Western Australia.

Oliver Wood, PWD, has also worked with Western Australian spaceports. In 2024, the WA spaceport will open. It is a privately owned commercial launch facility that will allow its customers to put vehicles into space. Hence, space technologies and exploration become accessible to all who want to explore them. With its managing director Oliver Wood, PWD has developed the website experience that will make it known Internationally and able to compete against formidable competitors such as Elon Musk’s Space X.

The target market for Oliver Woods PWD managing director website experience for WA spaceport is international, working on time and cost-sensitive launch missions to support international and domestic small satellite launches to replace installation spacecraft and observe the earth. The agency’s job began when the WA spacecraft asked Oliver Wood PWD and his team to make informative videos about its journey, progress, and intent for the spaceport. PWD was to make the project known to the world and its future capabilities.


PWD has significantly impacted network and technology as we have seen its work with Netlink and spaceport yet to come in 2024. PWD has proven to be a great agency to work with.