In a typical setting, most people spend most of their time in offices with coworkers. Nik Bhakta, co-founder of the most renowned company— CMG companies- put his efforts into the company to achieve its objectives. Still, it didn’t mean for him to sacrifice his family time or personal needs, and neither should you. He spares some time to enjoy watching sports. He also spends leisure time playing with his two sons and watching movies with his family. In reality, you need to balance work and home life to continue to be effective in all areas of your life. In that case, here are ways that will help you achieve successful work and home life.

  • Choose Your Colleagues Wisely

Working with the most beautiful, creative, and hard-working team would be exciting. You’ll build a close-knit group that will help you provide support and encouragement to one another. Such experiences are greatly influenced by choices that will put you away from working in a toxic environment with negative people. First, research the company’s values, corporate philosophy, and culture and go for the one you are compatible with.

  • Do The Things Your Best At

Nik grew up with his family handling some responsibilities from his parents’ hotel. From doing that, he gained experience in how things get done. Now that he’s working with CMG companies, he’s in charge of the hotel portfolio due to his extensive experience. It makes him exceptionally good at it. For your case, do what you are most experienced and best at, but that doesn’t mean don’t learn anything new; focus your efforts on your true strengths.

  • Remember Who It’s All For

It’s also important to take some time to think and ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Is it for some personal gain, or is there something more to it? If it’s for the family, it is all well and good if you do it to provide a stable financial foundation. On the other hand, consider spending time with them a top priority. It makes you understand how important it is to become successful; after all, it is all for you.


Remember that you are in charge of your destiny regardless of who you are or what you do. Your success depends on you being judged by surrounding yourself with the right people, maximizing your talents, and removing distractions. It’s the reason why Nik Bhakta enjoys working at CMG companies. With his team, he follows basic principles and gets the job done every time. Besides, they understand it’s essential to have fun and do that without losing the site to the organization’s goals.