Richard Commins, also known as Richie Commins, has recently won a public vote to become one of the eleven Nissan Generation Next Ambassadors. Each of the ambassadors has received a new, taxed, and insured Nissan for a year. Richie is a resident of Galway. He has also been handed the keys to a new car. After three weeks of public voting, Richie won the ambassadorship of Nissan with 100,000 votes cast online for 20 finalists.

About Richard Commins:

Richard Commins is a resident of Galway, Ireland. Richie has completed his graduation in Business Information Studies at NUI Galway. He is an intelligent person. With his out-of-box thinking and hard work, he founded “Dashcabz-Taxi Service For Students.” During college, Richie realized that finding a safe taxi to reach home is not easy for students. Taxi drivers usually doubt if students can pay a fare or not. Richard Commins then developed DASH—a taxi app to help students find a safer and more affordable ride. Enterprise Ireland, Nissan, AIB, An Garda Siochana, and the Irish Taxi Driver’s Federation have backed Richard Commins on his journey. 

DASH-Driving All Students Home:

Dash is a taxi booking app for school and college students. Richard Commins selected the Nissan Juke as the best equipped to help him take his firm to the next level of success. While pursuing a degree in Business Information Systems at NUI Galway, he founded his business, DASH (Driving All Students Home), to help college and school students. Students can use this app to book a taxi to reach home safely, even if they don’t have any cash, credit cards, or phones.

Around 8000 students have already signed up and created an online account on the DASH app and website. They were just asked to add their photo ID and bank details to create a unique four-digit pin. 

What if your phone’s battery is low?

If the student’s phone dies, they may hail a cab and ask the driver to enter their four-digit code, proving their identification and ability to pay the fare. Give participating taxi drivers your name and four-digit DASH pin to use this revolutionary service. Once the student arrives at their location, taxi drivers who have downloaded the DASH app can use these details to confirm the student’s identity and process the taxi fare.

Richard Commins, aka Richie, is an extraordinary person who conveys the message of helping each other. During college, he always loved to help his classmates, and he kept up with that charming habit. With his noble heart and intellectual personality, he has become the favorite person of Galway’s people.