In today’s industry, success means providing the right products at the right time at a reasonable price. Industrial manufacturers choose their materials and suppliers from all over the world to meet market demand. With increased globalization comes the risk of products and materials not being delivered on time and not being of the agreed-upon quality. Clients from all over the world share the desire for assurance that ordered components, materials, and equipment will meet the specifications.

An independent third party inspection company, such as BMS, can assist you with pre-shipment inspection in China to ensure that the equipment, components, and documentation meet contractual requirements. 

What Is A Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Pre-Shipment Inspection service is a systematic inspection of units picked randomly from all batches of your order, performed when your production is at least 80% complete. It is your last chance to make changes before your show is finished and packed, making it an effective tool for protecting your product from costly import risks. 

We employ the common, widely accepted statistical sampling method for all inspections. Our pre-shipment assessment provides you with independent verification of the quality, quantity, marking, packing, and loading of your shipments, assisting you in meeting quality standards, technical specifications, and contractual requirements.  

The Purpose Of A Pre-Shipment Inspection Service

You can have confidence that your order has been successfully filled before it is shipped by having an impartial third party perform a pre-shipment inspection. Excellent opportunities are available in the modern, globalized marketplace, but there are also significant risks. It’s essential to confirm that the specifications you’ve agreed upon are met when working with an overseas supplier. Taking the necessary precautions can reduce the likelihood of an incorrect order being filled.

Why Should You Use BMS For Pre-Shipment Inspection In China?

As a world leader in pre-shipment inspection, we provide you with a unique global presence and the necessary accreditations. It allows us to conduct a thorough inspection before shipment in the country of exportation and every corner of the globe. It allows you to:

➤ Ensure your shipments’ quality, quantity, marking, packing, and loading.

➤ Make sure your goods are handled safely and correctly.

➤ Ensure that your goods arrive following technical specifications, quality standards, and contractual agreements.

Hire Our Company For Your Next Pre-Shipment Inspection

Do you require pre-shipment inspection services in China that are efficient and trustworthy? Our skilled inspectors can carry out a variety of inspections following international standards because they are certified and qualified to do so. Our expert product inspectors will choose product lots for pre-shipment review and compare them to your target market’s quality requirements or standards using the appropriate sampling procedure. This thorough examination considers factors like product performance, durability, general appearance, and dimensions. Our experience, combined with countless editable checklists for all product categories, results in fast, flexible and trustworthy quality control that aids supply chain security.

Providing You With World-Class Pre-shipment Inspection

As the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification firm, you can rely on our reputation for quality and integrity. We provide an unparalleled experience, expertise, resources, and a singular global presence. As a result, we can perform pre-shipment inspections wherever you require them. We are the first choice for product exporters and importers worldwide.

Our Pre-Shipment Inspection Services Include The Following:

1) Dimensional examination

2) Examine the documentation

3) Checks for packing and marking

4) Visual examination

5) Witness examinations

6) Observe sample measurements in the factory

7) Verifying the number of packing cases and marking them following contractual requirements

8) Checking for proper handling during loading

9) Examining the stowing, fastening, and wedging of the mode of transportation

You do understand PSI’s advantages and how important it is to maintain quality. If you need a pre-shipment inspection in China, let us assist you in ensuring the quality of your goods.

Branding Manufacturing Services (BMS) will assist you in finding solutions to your quality-related issues. We guarantee that the goods will be of the highest calibre and satisfy the customers’ demands. Because quality is a top priority for us, we cannot compromise. To learn how our pre-shipment inspection services can ensure that your products meet quality standards, technical requirements, and contractual requirements, contact us right away.