Every year Companies spend a good chunk of their budget in marketing and advertising their product and services to stay relevant and fresh in people’s minds. In just half of 2021, the US advertisement market grew 32% and digital radio ads attracted an investment of around $897 million.

This figure to go beyond a billion dollars in the next year, which proves that radio advertising is still one of the best ways to advertise and showcase your products and services.

Even Though the current market trends have been favouring visual advertising on digital media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, etc. 93% of USA adults still listen to the radio, which is a massive audience.

According to reports and insights, an average American spends around 8 hours per week behind the wheels, which proves that if done correctly radio ads are still a good marketing strategy for most businesses.

Advantages of Radio Advertisement

·         Tremendous Reach: Americans Love to drive and have something playing along with them constantly and as written above radio reaches more US adults than television and websites in a typical week. This ensures the local businesses that running ads on radio will help their product to have a wider reach than a website or television ad

·         Low Costs: Running a business is expensive and within the starting years, it’s crucial to keep your expenses in check. The average cost of running ads on the radio for a week roughly ranges between $150- $5,000 per week, which is way lesser than social media and television which charges according to the number of viewers. There are some factors that Location, Time, and Ads duration which will contribute to the costs.

·         Ease of Production: Radio commercials can be created quicker and easier as compared to television and social media commercials. The whole process is also way less stressful when compared to the process involved in other advertising channels.

·         Selective Targeting: Radios allow you to tailor your messages to a specific targeted audience. Advertisers can choose to direct their ads and messages to specific demographics, psychographics, geographic areas, and around events and genres in a market. For the residents of Milwaukee, 860brands provides affordable and effective radio advertisement services along with other digital marketing tools and support to help local businesses increase their audience.

A joint study by Nielsen and Catalina Solutions found that a product advertised on radio in the consumer-packaged goods and services delivered $12 in sales for every $1 spent on advertising. At 860brands, we created tools and collaborated with skilled and creative minds to provide the people of Milwaukee with the best returns and reach for the ads they run on radios. Businesses and residents can contact us directly to know more about our services and get help