Regarding Neel Khokhani’s entrepreneurial lifestyle, we can attest that the road to entrepreneurship may be rocky, but its payoffs are more worth it than the effort. You’ll have independence and freedoms at their purest; no daily schedule to dedicate to or superior to placate. That’s probably what any prospective entrepreneur wishes to be their boss.

Therefore, starting entrepreneurial practice at an early age pays off. As a young entrepreneur, you probably have less to lose while venturing into an open business world. Speaking of success, you will read about the top-rated individual among the youngest successful entrepreneurs. In the end, you’ll be well equipped on what will enable you from being a young entrepreneur to your success.

Neel Khokhani: A successful Aviation School Entrepreneur

Have you ever heard of  Neel Khokhani? If not, then you’ve been missing out on a great source of success motivation. In this post, you’ll be able to read the story of Neel Khokhani from his childhood and his dreams of establishing an airline.

While Neel Kohlrani was young, he dreamed of establishing an airline, but his father tended to push him from this dream, claiming he was still young. What did Neel Kohlrabi do? He didn’t lose hope in it, and instead, he gave 100%  in achieving his dream.

If you’d ask about  Neel Khokhani, he is currently ranked in the top 51 young entrepreneurs in Australia. His journey of achieving his dreams from scratch was not easy as he faced some challenges and difficulties along the way. he instead took these challenges as his stepping stones

Neel Khokhani came to Australia as an immigrant at 16 years. At 16 years old, still trying to chase his dreams, he was facilitated by Richard Branson. But at this stage, he had full hopes his dreams would come to pass and learned how to fry to make a step ahead.

After successfully learning how to fly, he obtained his license at 18years and began instructing.

While working, he thought the fleet would be better. So, he approached his boss and shared his idea with him. But unfortunately, his boss sacked him after hearing his vision.

If you still need to learn about Neel Khokhani’s current lifestyle, you won’t believe that he owns a flying school in Australia. he founded his aviation; soar aviation, in 2016 at 22 years. Soar aviation got crowdfunded as he sold discounted lessons on group buying scoop.

The corresponding effort he put in to achieve his dreams is highly incredible. He is now running one of the most prominent flying schools in Australia that has increased in a short period. Neel Khokhani now claims that he aims to propel the growth of the aviation industry to open the door for other aspirants.

Since Neel Khokhani founded soar aviation school, he has ignited the flame to individuals whose dreams are to become aviators. It makes Neel Khokhani stand out from the crowd and other entrepreneurs of his generation.


With regards to Neel Khokhani is one individual who has shown that through hard work that everyone can achieve their dreams. If you have the vision of attaining but step back due to lack of motivation, this should be part of the motivation. If Neel Khokhani made it and fulfilled his dreams, you can successfully achieve yours too.