Determining the appropriate signage for your business requires careful analysis. Purchasing signage is an investment for your business, and as a large investment, you want to make sure you choose the size and style that best suits your needs. Examining your business needs and goals, first and foremost, is imperative in determining the right sign options to accomplish your goals.

What are lobby signs?

Lobby signs, or reception area signs, can benefit every kind of organization or company. Lobby signs in Los Angeles are an excellent way to make better use of bland, bare walls in your entrance or reception areas. Rather than bare walls or unremarkable artwork, use lobby signs to invite customers and inform them about who you are. Lobby signs provide an inviting environment for customers and clients, whether your business is a salon, office, auto dealership, or retail store.

Lobby signs are a great investment for your business if you wish to:

  • Make consumers feel comfortable and welcome

Visitors and customers of your business should feel immediately comfortable, which is difficult to accomplish with stark, barren walls. Ensure the comfort of your clients and visitors by making use of lobby signs in your reception area to provide a warm and welcoming environment.

  • Display your business slogans or mottos

What is your business about? Make sure visitors and clients know exactly who you are and what you do by making use of lobby signs to display business slogans, mottos, and even your logo. This is a unique branding opportunity and is informative for your visitors.

  • Provide a visual representation of the areas you serve

Your business is multi-faceted, and consumers should know all that you do. Providing a visual representation of the different areas your business serves with lobby signs can provide an aesthetically pleasing reception area that educates your visitors about all aspects of your brand.

  • Set your office or suite apart from the other tenants

Do you share office space? Use lobby signs to set your business apart from others on your floor or in your building. Your business is distinct, so make sure you don’t blend into the background, especially if the neighboring businesses you share space with have their lobby signs in place.

  • Provide directional cues

Lobby signs can serve the important function of providing directional cues to different areas of your store or office. This is especially important if you have multiple rooms, offices, or departments to direct visitors or customers to. Don’t let your customers get lost in a maze!

  • Display accolades

You’ve worked hard and earned accolades and awards, and your customers should know it. Use lobby signs to display your accomplishments prominently. It gives credibility to your business, and it’s a conversation starter with potential clients.

If lobby sign Los Angeles is the right sign style for your business’s needs, The experts can work with you as the premier sign provider and installer in your area. They work with clients locally, regionally, and nationally. The experts can help design the right lobby and reception signs to meet your needs, and then build and install them for you too!