An experienced lawyer who lacks compassion for their clients will never reach his true professional potential. To be a successful and mindful attorney, one needs to have a myriad of skills. Top legal minds in the field always attempt to use their degree towards making things a little better for other people. Talking in regards to Rodney S. Diggs, who revolutionized the entire legal sector with his skill set, and the determination he has.

Rodney S. Diggs is an expert litigator with substantial experience that he garnered in his professional career by tracking each latest development and amendment made by the govt. Since up-to-the-minute knowledge could be a marginal difference in winning or losing the case, so he never misses an opportunity to learn more! He is a successful legal attorney with a track record of success in various practice areas such as Civil Rights, Labor & Employment, and Class Action.

Since 2010, Rodney has been a prominent associate attorney at Ivie, McNeil & Wyatt. Later in 2016, he became a Partner/Director. Currently, he is serving as the Chair of the Labor and Employment and Civil Rights practice groups. Being a proficient Chair, Diggs advises and negotiates for his clients on a wide array of employment-related and police misconduct/wrongful death issues. In his entire career, he obtained something that attorneys still dream of.

Standing for his clients, Rodney obtained over $50 million in verdicts and settlements – counted among his notable achievements. In addition, he has achieved a verdict of $9.1 million in a wrongful death case against the City of Long Beach – it also cannot be neglected!!! 

If you talk about the early life of Rodney S. Diggs, he has excelled in his undergraduate degree. He earned his degree from the University of California, Los Angeles. Later, he pursued his studies and obtained Juris Doctor Degree from the Howard University of the Law. At Howard, he got an opportunity to fill in as Vice President of the Student Bar Association and many more.

On the final note,

Rodney S. Diggs is a legal attorney who has been leading an outstanding career for the past ten years. By litigating high-profile cases, he became the most recognized legal attorney. Throughout his professional career, Rodney achieved numerous awards. He was named Rising Star by Super Lawyers from 2014-2020, and many more rewards he has. Moreover, he enjoys a superior position being a professional litigator!