Life is hard and full of challenges. Our beliefs play a pivotal role in identifying what we want and whether we achieve our goals or not. Our Mindset is defined as a set of attitudes and many studies have found that factors like dedication, hard work, and resilience are much more important to growth and success than brains or talent. Whenever we change our mindset towards certain things we change the course of our lives.

Sean Tarpenning, who is a renowned entrepreneur and mentor has guided many people in becoming a better version of themselves. Over the years, he encountered a lot of troubled and stuck people and found that after working on their mentality, they were able to find solutions to the problems that seemed impossible to solve earlier. Sean mentions some of the best ways that can help people in improving their mentality and boost their mindset:

  • When speaking, use only positive words. If you keep saying “I can’t,” you can be sure it’s true. Replace these negative words with positive ones. Do your best or tell yourself that you will do your best.
  • Use words that evoke strength and success. Try to fill your mind with words that make you feel powerful, happy, and in control of your life. Try to focus on those words, not the words that make you feel defeated or incompetent.
  • Exercise Positive Affirmation. One of the most popular thinking exercises is positive affirmation. It includes repeating positive phrases to yourself on a daily basis such as “I deserve to be happy”, “I am capable of achieving all of my goals” or “ I am destined to be successful”.Believing this to be true and remembering it can help you gain a more positive outlook on life.
  • Direct Your Thoughts. According to many psychologists, this technique is one of the best ways to control your thoughts whenever you are feeling down or anxious. Think positive, create a happy thought and always give yourself positive feedback to keep all your negative thoughts and bad feelings in check.
  • Believe that you will succeed. There is nothing better than believing in yourself. Give yourself the benefit of doubt and believe that you will succeed in achieving your goals and entertain the thought that “it will work out better than you expect.”
  • Analyse what went wrong. Improving your mindset involves coherently analysing your situation and figuring out what went wrong. Giving yourself time to think about the things that led you to your current situation can help you in avoiding future mistakes and create a more positive tomorrow.
  • Always Learn from your Past: The past is behind you, and no matter how bad things happen, there is nothing you can do to change it. Whenever you feel like you have negative thoughts about the past, replace them with positive thoughts about the future.

There’s no substitute for hard work and perseverance in the long journey of making your dreams come true. But as there will be more failures than successes, Sean Tarpenning believes that maintaining a solid positive mindset will help you in becoming a better person that you need to become to achieve all your goals.