While intending to run a business, capital is most important. However, you might have all the capital needed but lack leadership roles to run the business in the long run. There’s always a reason behind all successful businesses and failing businesses. Typically, businesses run according to the organization’s plan. Sean Tarpenning, the CEO at USREEB, shares essential tips you should pay attention to if you intend to run your business successfully.

  • Experience and planning

Most organizations fail due to a lack of experience in their setup. Before you set up your business, have well researched the industry and learn about the nuances of that company by getting mentorship from an established leader. Alternatively, gathering information from the internet and experts will prepare you fully. While planning to keep your plans realistic, accurate and updated. 

  • Low capital or wild spending

Ensure you have enough capital needed to start your business. This capital is needed to start and keep a business intact before it starts generating profits. Most owners fail since they tend to ignore or lack knowledge about cash flow. In such cases, the business will fail before profit realization and shut down. Ensure you have enough capital to start the firm and run it for at least one year, as the business should meet its expenses before reaching the break-even point.

  • Business location

Business usually starts targeting a specific customer segment. Ensure you set up a location where your target audience can easily access your company. Location is important as a good location can speed up slow business and flop a good one. Choose your location considering your customers, traffic, parking situation and much competition you’ll face.

  • Social media presence

In the current technological era, it will be good for you to consider social media presence. Lack of presence on the digital medium may make you lack the eyes of your customers and fail. In this era, businesses must have at least one well-designed website for successful operation. If you don’t have a social media profile, ensure you keep your customers engaged to stay ahead of the competition. 


Whether you’re just starting or are an old pro, these tips will help you become more successful. Remember, success doesn’t come overnight. It takes a lot of planning, preparation, and patience. Sean Tarpenning tips will help you with a long-term strategy and build it in baby steps until your business succeeds.