Everybody has their method of finding happiness. Some people find it in making money, while others find it in learning new skills or achieving goals. There is no one definition of happiness or single way to achieve it. It all depends on how you perceive it. Are you ever able to stop and ask yourself, “Am I happy with how I live?”

Most answers would be either a “No” or a “Maybe.” This is because we tend to attach happiness more to what we get than to what is given.

Giving and sharing is the only way to true happiness. Giving doesn’t just mean giving money; it includes all that can bring happiness to others. For example, you can see the smiles on someone’s face when you help them, making you happy. This is true happiness.

Charity is the best place to spread happiness. It is called charity when you offer help to people needing food, shelter and clothing. You will feel blessed to live in a charity home, orphanage, or ngo and realize how you can help others. They are entitled to live happy life. They love to be surrounded by people who make them smile, give food, dance to music, and appreciate the small things in life. They will give you their blessings for every act of kindness they show towards you.

Shaun Stenning donates to Phuket’s Chalong Community on August 02th, 2021, in Phuket, Thailand. Through the advice and help of the village head, 5 Star Marine donated 150 bags for the Chalong Community. Since the Pandemic began in early 2020, Shaun Stenning and 5 Star Marine have given “life bags” out to the most vulnerable people of Phuket, Thailand. Shaun Stenning began his work in the tourism sector by directing his efforts towards 5 Star Marine. He first wanted to help his staff after Thailand closed its borders. Then, he expanded their reach to many of the island’s residents. The “life bag” delivery service has reached every island corner with basic foods and cleaning products. Its 17th month is a testament to the hard work of both local and ex-pat volunteers. Before the Pandemic, 90% of Phuket’s GDP depended on international tourism. Even with the Phuket “Sandbox,” a quarantine-free entry program that allows fully vaccinated tourists to enter Phuket freely, more than tens of thousands of Phuket residents are still unemployed and in dire need of assistance.