According to Leesa Fazal, Home is the place where we live for many years to come. Building a house is an exciting experience. As an architect, it’s your chance to showcase your work and art in the form of a building. Even though it is an exciting job, it can also be stressful as bumps in the way, but an architect understands the home building process and how it works. Working with an architect you could be prepared well for this journey. Considering these steps as the building blocks of your family, where you all will grow and develop your life. Leesa Fazal Las Vegas talks about significant steps to build a house that anyone can consider to build the home of their dreams. Let us understand this process and how it all works.

Plans and Permitting: 

The first step is to create your home plan with an architect or licensed designer. Once your plan is approved, it must be approved by a licensed engineer. Next, we need a complete set of truss plans and cut sheets for each window and sliding glass door. All these things get checked before applying for a building permit.

The Site Work and Masonry Phase:

The second stage of the house-building process begins with the site. A crew would work to clear the land and level it up to begin construction. Then the pillars are dug out. A stem wall is placed and filled in. All underground plumbing and electricity are laid in the stem wall, and the slab is poured. After that, the outer block wall and then a lintel course are laid, securing the walls to the base.

Framing The Building:

Next, the roof trusses are installed and sheathed. Then the roof is dried with tar paper. And all internal framing is installed. Once the exterior of the building is complete, other areas of the home should be considered, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, wiring for telephones, electronics, and security systems. To accomplish all this, several other inspections will be required to proceed with the home-building process.

Insulation, Drywall & Flooring:

After a home has passed your next set of inspections, the next thing is insulation. Insulation helps to regulate the climate of the house and also helps with the energy efficiency of the home. Once the drywall is complete, other exterior finishes can be installed, such as plaster or siding. Follow cabinets and floors, and bathroom finishes; such as sinks, tubs, and toilets.

Wrapping Up:

After the final inspection, and if all seems fine, your builder will take you on a final walk-through of your home to ensure it meets your expectations. Leesa Fazal Las Vegas is a versatile and talented Las Vegas architect. She is always committed to her work and projects for the top-class solutions to his clients. She compliments her work with an expert team of graphic designers, engineers, and town planners who work on master planning, building structures, and customized home designs.