Select Entry Accelerated Learning is a program used in government secondary schools in Victoria, Australia. It provides a focused educational environment for motivated, talented,  and gifted students a chance to achieve excellence in their education. Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program VIC, students undertake Year 8 work in Year 7 and can accelerate through high school because they are taught the required material faster, without the need for repetition. It allows them to complete their secondary education in five years instead of six or undertake a more comprehensive Victorian Certificate of Education, which takes three years instead of two. It’s also a supportive environment that encourages learning and collaboration with like-minded peers to develop students emotionally,  academically,  and socially.

Select Entry Accelerated Learning Programs  Practice Tests

The SEAL program is designed for students of Year 7 to Year 10, tested yearly. If you feel your child needs to be challenged sufficiently in school, you can prepare them to sit for the SEAL exam. It’s for advanced students about to enter high school. This program is offered at various state schools and placements based on results from specially designed tests. The tests are similar to other SEALs found in other states. SEAL practice tests include;

  • Writing: Persuasive or Narrative (30 min)
  • Reading: multiple-choice test (30 min)
  • Quantitative Reasoning: multiple-choice test (30 min)
  • Verbal Reasoning: multiple-choice test (30 min)

What Does The SEAL Program Involve?

Students who wish to take the SEAL test must take the entrance exam the year before they pursue the SEAL program. They’ll be tested on mathematics skills, essay and narrative writing, and advanced verbal and numerical reasoning on the test.

Once the student has enrolled in the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program, students will complete years 7-10 of their high school education in 3 years. The program exposes them to options for how they wish to complete their final VCE year. Some students will finish it in two years, while others may use the extra year to complete a broader range of VCE and university extension subjects. The extra year ultimately gives them a greater chance of achieving their desired high ATAR score.

How Does The SEAL Program Help Students?

As stated earlier, Select Entry Accelerated Learning is a program designed for dedicated, diligent, experienced,  and creative students with a high level of maturity and the ability to learn and work independently. If you want your child to excel and benefit in this program, ensure you get them TestChamps’ SEAL practice test. With the availability of online resources,  they’ll better understand exam preparation from Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program VIC modules. If your child is smart, this program could help them, but first, here are some questions you need to assess if the SEAL program is ideal for your child;

  • Did your child perform above average on their NAPLAN test?
  • Is your child at the top of their class at school?
  • Will your child be commencing secondary school in two years?
  • Is your child able to work hard on their homework without being nagged?
  • Does your child ever complain that their schoolwork is too easy?

With your view to your child guided with these questions,  then they’ll most likely enjoy the program. Its benefit is seen in the aspects that it provides them;

  • They need the academic challenge and the best support to help them achieve their goals. 
  • Faster-paced curriculum with less repetition
  • Greater analysis of abstract, complex concepts
  • A higher level of problem-solving,  investigative, and creative thinking skills

Students can only sit for the SEAL tests once each year. For this reason, it is important to ensure your child’s preparation is up to the mark for the test. 


Do not hesitate to look for additional information about your options, whether it is the SEAL program, or how to prepare your child for the entrance test. There are more resources to help you get detailed information about the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program VIC. It will expose them to a range of classes where they get familiar with the skills they will be tested on, which include mathematics skills, essay ae writing, and advanced numerical and verbal reasoning.