Cyber threats have currently become the most common in SEOs since hackers are developing new threats day by day. Therefore, it is essential to know about Information Technology Structure, its vulnerability, and the tools as this awareness is more important to create awareness and initiate training on each one regarding the network. Did you know failing to invest in cybersecurity is a criminal activity? There is a need for you to invest in cybersecurity not to lose customers from your site.

Therefore while looking for cyber and security tips for small businesses, you are probably looking for low-cost solutions and processes to enforce without having full IT support from specialists. It’s primarily practical when you have insufficient budgets like enterprises and other large organizations.

Arthur Ocain is a great thinker and w business leader specializing in process improvement, cyber security, and information technology. He is a firm believer that there are several ways in which business owners can make each fund security budget count. It makes the IT support team get rid of stress. Therefore let’s check out on top cyber security steps you can follow to ensure your small scale or medium scale business will be more secure;

  • Ensure You Keep Your Software Up-To-Date

We all know ransomware has been reported to be a significant attack vector for businesses and consumers. To migrate ransomware, it’s essential to keep your software updated, operating systems, and applications. You’ll be safe as it removes the vulnerability used by hackers. To achieve this, make sure your desktop web browser uses auto security updates.

  • Protection of  Sensitive Identifiable Information

Hackers can use names, addresses, dates of birth, and mobile numbers to locate an individual. To avoid hackers using this information to their advantage, your credit card should be protected by the respective company to reduce the risk of the cyber breach.

  • Using Antivirus Protection

The use of antivirus protection has been the most preferred solution to fight malicious attacks. It has been proven effective as it blocks nasty viruses from entering and compromising the systems. It’s highly recommended to use antivirus from trusted vendors and only on antivirus per device.

  • Use Strong Password and Password Management Tools

Password is well known as strong and critical online security as it keeps hackers out of your data. When you want to create a new password, you should not use the same password twice; reset your password whenever you forget and keep changing your password once per year as a general refresh.


According to Arthur Ocain,  implementing the above tips earlier is critical to ensure the safeties of small-scale and large-scale businesses. In line with that, your employee’s knowledge, actions, and behavior also matter since they can put the organization at greater cyber security risk or asset.