Sometimes our daily lives can lead to feeling disconnected from our families. Connecting with your family cannot be easy, especially with so many screens.

American children spend an average of 7 hours a day staring at screens. This could have long-term consequences for their health.

This list of family bonding activities will get everyone off their phones and interact for a while. Do you recall the last time your family had fun together?

This list of family bonding activities can make family fun more common. Keep it handy and incorporate them into your daily life. You have two options: let your children choose the next activity, or you can pull one from a jar. This will create wonderful memories for you and your kids and help relieve stress.

The Best Family Bonding Activities

  • Cook together

Choose a dish or meal that you all can share. Making and decorating cookies or cupcakes is a favourite activity for kids. Old family recipes can be shared.

One day, our family spent the whole day making miniature food. Think tiny grilled cheeses and miniature pancakes. It was fun, even though I don’t know why. You are free to be creative!

  • Fortify your home

A fort is a great way to relieve boredom in the family. It is one of my favourite family bonding activities.

After your fort is built, don’t forget to spend some quality time with your children in it. Bonus points are awarded to family members who spend the night in your fort.

  • Play hide and seek

Even smaller families can play hide and seek. Children love searching for their parents.

You can play this game indoors or outdoors. What childhood memories can you make from hiding and seeking? These great memories can be shared with your children. Playing hide and seek will be a great family fun day activities. 

  • Take a look at the whole thing

Reading and hanging out can make for a quiet time. You can also take a blanket outside if it is nice. Warm up with hot chocolate if it is cold.

Each person can read their book or one story aloud.

  • Take the family on a hike

Find out what other interesting things you might find on your nature hike. Everyone will benefit from the fresh air. You can all explore a new trail together, pretending you are explorers.


This list of family bonding activities should inspire you to come up with new ideas for getting your family out of their routines and having fun. Which one do you want to try the most?

Many obligations prevent us from spending time with our kids. It is important to plan some family bonding time in your week. You’ll want to continue the practice once you get used to it.

Wait for the children to ask unless they can continue this action.

Families that feel closer together make for happier parents and children. It is possible to foster stronger relationships by spending a little time together. Why not give these bonding activities a shot today?