Whether you are going for just grocery shopping or regular shopping of any brand, shopping bags are needed everywhere. The deteriorating health of the ecosystem has made this obvious for the companies to produce eco-friendly and biodegradable bags. Eco shopping bags have evolved from mere pieces of paper into stylish, trendy, purpose-full bags in the past few decades. Customization of eco-friendly bags is not just limited to the safety and styling purpose but also delights the sellers with its promotional element that does not even cost them a fortune.

Bag Printing in Ireland

Brandpack designs and engineers custom printed paper bags in Ireland. The factors that lead to embracing these bags are endless. Some of the benefits of custom printed bags to sellers as well as customers are:

· Customers carry their purchases safely and conveniently.

· Sturdy enough so customers can reuse it.

· Sellers can have customised printing of their company’s logo, name, and address.

· Bulk orders can save a lot of money for the sellers.

· Great opportunity for promoting the business and brand recognition.

· Provides great opportunities to connect to the target audience.

· Serves as the best eco-friendly alternative.

Our company carries out complete bag printing solutions and proves to be the most cost-effective way of promoting a business. These come in several shapes, sizes, colours, prints, and materials. Some of our high-quality bags include:

· Paper Bags: Paper bags have taken a huge leap since their usage started in the 18th century. These reusable carriers come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and printing. According to the product’s weight, their handles are customised in rope handles, ribbon handles, or normal paper handles.

· Cotton and Fair trade Cotton: These bags come with customizable printing and printing colours. Cotton and Fair trade Cotton, chemical-free cotton, are reusable fabrics that attract customers for their long-term usage.

· Jute: Jute bags are reliable for their top-notch strength of holding heavy items. They are biodegradable, customizable, and can be used in the long-term run.

· PP woven and non-woven: PP woven and non-woven bags are strong, leakproof, and are made from recyclable plastic. They can be reused and are water-resistant.

· Felt: Felt bags are made with sheep’s wool. These are eco-friendly and biodegradable, and extremely durable.

These bags can be customised with screen printing in one to four colours. At the same time, the light-colored bags can be customised with full-colour digital printing. All of our bags are 100% recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable that elevates the looks and boosts your sales.

Irrespective of the goods you are selling, it is always necessary to provide a positive customer experience, therefore gaining their trust. Good quality shopping bags ensure customers’ satisfaction, and they feel secure in carrying the purchased goods. A seller caring about the environment and not getting swayed by the low-cost plastic bags is a recipe for a high-standard business. What are you waiting for? Get your bags customised with us and get miraculous benefits by making your brand recognizable to your target audience.