In 2012, Nandan Petrochem Ltd. released its VELVEX lubricant brand in the Indian market. Because of NPL’s qualifications, which include 25+ years of experience in the lubricant sector, competence with OEMs, and partnership with engine oil manufacturers technology, VELVEX is the appropriate mix of premium goods provided of the right quality at the right price to the customers. The term “velvet,” which describes the feel of the VELVEX product, was the idea for the name of the brand.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), a cutting-edge pollution control technology, requires AdBlue® to function correctly in the exhaust system. To put it simply, AdBlue® is neither a fuel nor an additive for gasoline. Nitrous oxide emissions from diesel cars may be lowered using the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and AdBlue®.

The NANDAN GROUP OF COMPANIES is a dynamic conglomerate of companies interested in lubricants, petroleum derivatives, and food items that serve a wide range of sectors. We’re a leader in the industries that fuel the economy and provide stable profits, and our talented staff is the foundation of our success. The organization is also eager to effect change in these areas, hopefully leading to sustainable development and advancement over time.

To Our Companies

Nandan Petrochem Limited is one of the significant makers of Genuine Oils, Greases, and Specialty Oils with a substantial Pan-India and international presence in the Lubricating Oil industry, continually driven.

Contract mixing and filing for government agencies was NPL’s first business. As the oldest and biggest contract producer in the nation and having a technical partnership agreement with Meguin GmbH (Germany), NPL has access to cutting-edge technology and markets a wide variety of lubricants and greases under the VELVEX brand.


Over 5,000 service stations, supply depots, and manufacturer dealerships throughout Europe stock canisters for your convenience. It’s common for this supply to have a hefty price tag because of its limited capacity and restricted size, which means it’s only used in extreme emergencies. The sizes 5L, 10L, and 18L are all on offer.


More and more filling stations throughout Europe provide AdBlue® by the litre from retail pumps. Several truck stops have put AdBlue® pumps on all diesel islands, making it feasible to replenish with AdBlue® at the same time as diesel, thanks to investments made by the oil sector.

The new BS-VI requirements in India would be required as of April 2020. To comply with BS VI standard regulatory requirements, automakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have already begun installing SCR systems using AdBlue® in their vehicles. At the moment, AdBlue ® goods are sent out to distributors, who then ship them to stores and gas stations in drums and buckets. After the rollout, the product will likely be sold via dispensing service pumps at gas stations and convenience stores.

It has been shown that AdBlue® is affected by both high and low temperatures. When kept at temperatures below -11°C, the solution will freeze, while the urea concentration may decrease when stored at temperatures over 30°C. AdBlue® may be frozen without losing quality or attention and will be just as effective once thawed. It is essential to keep the solution out of direct sunlight in regions where the temperature regularly rises beyond 30 degrees Celsius (such as Greece, Spain, etc.).