It doesn’t matter what the weather is, and the kids are always playing the “I’m bored” game. We’ve compiled 20 kid-friendly activities to help you beat unavoidable boredom and make a family fun day. You could just put them in your pocket to save on rainy days.

  • Create a pillow fort

The traditional living room fort ignites the engineer in every one of us. Every child dreams of the day they’ll be able to make the perfect blanket world within their home, So why not achieve it?

  • Bake something delicious

Baking doesn’t need to be harmful. There are a myriad of different cookie recipes that use ingredients like applesauce or bananas. Choose a recipe that you like and bake!

  • Games

Board games. Card games. Create a game. Make it fun and make it a tournament game day.

  • Escape the house

Visit an aquarium or museum. Let your kids explore the office you work in with your boss’s permission and, of course. Although it’s raining, it doesn’t mean you need to stay in the house all day. Put on your rainboots and set off on a journey.

  • Playdates

Find a partner and team together to keep your children busy while you chat about life over a cup of coffee in the kitchen. It’s a win-win.

  • Puzzles

They’re not expensive, educational, and can keep your children occupied for long hours!

  • Movie marathon

It’s acceptable to relax and binge-watch movies for the entire day. Prepare popcorn in a bowl and let your kids select their favourite film. You’ll also get precious cuddle time with your young children.

  • Arts and crafts

Create some slime, homemade playdough or go for the more traditional route using an old-fashioned colouring book. There are tons of kid’s crafts online. If you’re not the type to be creative, don’t worry! Explore Pinterest to find some fun ideas.

  • Experiments in science

Make use of common household items to conduct experiments with. There is a myriad of safe, enjoyable and child-friendly scientific experiments available. All you need to do is search! To make it easier, visit this page for a wealth of suggestions.

  • Hide and search

Old-fashioned games children everywhere enjoy. You can limit them to a specific home area or grant them the freedom to roam wherever they want.

  • Dance party

Be prepared for cabin fever by getting all your energy out by playing various fun music and dance moves. Aren’t we all feeling more relaxed after letting loose for a short time?

  • Scavenger hunt

Create a list of items your children will discover in the house. Then go on a hunt to discover everything. Bonus points for the person who can locate the shoe you’ve been looking for for months.

  • Learn to draw

Learn to draw your favourite cartoon character. Then work on your artistic skills.

  • Stroll along memories way

Look at old photos or home films from when your children were young. Enjoy the time spent reminiscing and discussing funny moments.

  • Lip sync battle

Also called karaoke, sing the kids’ most loved songs to determine who puts on the best performance. Extra points for the kid who dresses in costume and is the character.

  • Paper airplanes

Learn to create paper aeroplanes. Then, you can enter a competition to see who comes up with the design that can fly the furthest.

  • Write a letter

Everyone loves good old-fashioned snail mail. Learn the importance of writing letters and brighten people’s day with the help of. Send letters to grandma, uncles and aunts as well as neighbours and friends and anyone who has an address – that’s everybody!

  • Take a look at some books.

Relax in your favourite blanket and read a few books to your children. A mommy-and-me-time could be just what you’ve been looking for to get through this miserable day.

  • Have fun in the garage

Take your vehicle out of the way and let your children play. Dodging, riding scooters, playing dodgeball and participating in all of your outdoor pursuits with no outdoor space.

  • Clean

If your kids are bored, get them to clean, sweep and fold laundry; however, make it a fun course! You can play some tunes and dance around the house to keep it clean.

It’s not necessary to keep these ideas in mind to use on rainy days. When your kids complain about boredom, you can pull out this handy list to make your day more enjoyable.