The technique of assigning numerical values to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet is known as gematria (from the Greek term geometria). One of the aggadic hermeneutical guidelines for understanding the Torah (*Baraita of 32 Rules, no. 29) entails describing a word or group of words based on the numerical value of the letters or replacing other letters of the alphabet for them according to a predetermined scheme. The term is most commonly used to signify altering based on numerical value and is also used to denote “calculations” on occasions.

Rabbi Trugman’s programOHR CHADASHis pleased to introduce you to a useful tool Gematria with Rabbi Trugman that will help you to understand new depths in comprehending Torah and its complex layers of significance, as well as how the universe is integrally interrelated, eventually leading to fresh and enlightening insight. You can enter a word in Hebrew and almost instantly see spelled out all the locations in the Torah, the 24 books of the Bible, where this term, name, or phrase appears. By examining these appearances, we can make connections that we may not have seen previously. 

How Does Gematria Connect Us With Torah and Life?

This Gematria addresses several ways of determining the numerical equivalent of individual letters and how these letters can be determined based on their names’ implied word value. This approach is based on the idea that numerical similarity is not a coincidence because the world was formed by God’s word and each letter signifies unique creative energy. Thus, the numerical equivalent of two words indicates an inherent link between each one’s creative potential.

According to Kabbalah, if two words or sentences share the same number, they are said to have a profound relationship. The Gematria reveals a deeper set of correspondences than those found in the literal text, pointing to a whole mathematical structure beneath the Torah. Gematria reveals the deeper meanings of the Torah.

ABOUT GEMATRIA: Beliefs And History

While gematria was utilized occasionally in the Talmud and Midrash, it was not important to rabbinic writing. The rabbis used gematria to bolster biblical exegesis on occasion, but not frequently. They were considerably more involved in using logical reasoning and debate to defend their beliefs. However, gematria is vital to Kabbalah, the Jewish spiritual tradition. Indeed, the various names of God and their permutations in Kabbalah have numerical values that are thought to hold strong power.

The name GEMATRIA is derived from the Greek “geometria,” and the notion can be found in Plato’s works. Some people have thought throughout history that the Torah contains secrets that can be discovered through gematria and utilized to forecast historical events. Some Hasidic groups that study kabbalistic literature think that the Torah, when viewed through the prism of gematria, offers insights to present events. Skeptics, on the other hand, have pointed out that, depending on the words and sentences highlighted and calculated, gematria can be used as “evidence” to support opposed beliefs.

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