Dawn FM, The Weeknd’s new album, hits Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart. It is ranked at No. 1 for the first-ever time, following its January 28 release. According to MRC Data, the album sold 37,000 copies in America in the week ending February 3 (up 2,547%), almost all of which were CD sales. The album was previously only available as a digital download or streamer.

According to the most trending celebrity news in Nigeria, Dawn FM also spends its first week at No. 1 in the category of Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It logs a fourth week at No. 1 on Top R&B Albums, climbs to No. 1 for the first time on Top Current Album Sales and rises 4-2 on the Billboard 200.

Grateful Dead’s newest archival live album – Dave’s Picks Volume 41, debuts at No. 2; Aaron Lewis’s album – Frayed at Both Ends debuts at No. 5; Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia returns to the charts at No. 6 (after limited-edition cassette and deluxe vinyl editions were issued) and Jethro Tull’s The Zealot Gene, its first album of original music in more than 20 years, starts at No. 10.

The Billboard Top Album Sales chart lists the most popular albums in a week, purely based on sales. The chart’s origins date to May 25, 1991, when Billboard started tabulating charts using electronically monitored piece count data from SoundScan (now MRC Data). The Billboard 200 albums chart used album sales as the only measurement.

This chart was based on the December 6, 2014, list. After that, the chart changed to a mix of album sales and tracked equivalent album units or streaming equivalent album units. Dawn FM is at No. 1 on the new chart, dated February 12, 2022. Billboard will post the complete chart on its website on February 8.

Dawn FM was originally only available via digital download and streamers during its initial release week. It debuted at No. 3 on the Sales chart and No. 2 on the Billboard 200 (charts from January 22). The CD edition was released on January 28, with multiple signed collector editions available through The Weeknd’s web store. The CD includes a signed CD purchased at independent record shops and an exclusive version from Target with alternate cover art.

Dawn FM sold 37,000 copies in the week ending February 3. Physical sales include 36,000 (all from its CD, cassette, and vinyl editions will be available on April 29) and 1,000 digital sales.

Dawn FM also saw The Weekend hit a new high-watermark in critical reviews. It received a Metacritic score of “89,” which is his highest overall score. Variety also praised the album’s resonance for almost two years. In the face of another pandemic, Dawn FM, possibly The Weekend’s most well-received and fully-realized album, will be able to carry listeners through it. The trending celebrity news in Nigeria says that Dawn FM was rated “4-out-5 stars” by Rolling Stone. Pitchfork praised it as “sleek, vigorous,” and “Abel Tesfaye’s fifth album is the most thoughtful, melodic and revealing of his career.” Esquire called it “2022’s Best Album to Beat.”