NAPLAN test series is a program run by the Australian Government to test the essential skills of students in the years 3, 5, 7, and 9. These tests are essential for every child to progress through life and school as they contain subjects such as spelling, writing, grammar, reading, and numeracy. It is vital to remember that the NAPLAN test series is not only about passing or failing but is mainly for teachers and educators assessing learning progress.

At the school level, it is an important tool used by educators to measure the progress of students. NAPLAN assesses skills in numeracy and literacy that are developed and improved over time, through the syllabus of school. As NAPLAN is not a pass or fail test, it shows mainly how students in the years 3, 5, 7, and 9 are progressing in numeracy and literacy skills against the national level for all Australian students.

Data collected from NAPLAN tests are used to study students, year level, and their class group, state, school, nation, etc. The data may also be used by schools to improve target effort and support to help all students enhance and acquire the skills that are required for further achievement. All students are usually expected to take part in the NAPLAN tests. However, as these tests are skill based, it becomes important for students to Practice NAPLAN Tests Online as it is a very effective and useful option. Along with this, there are various ways by which parents can help their children in the preparation of NAPLAN tests.   

4 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children with NAPLAN Tests

Teach Helpful Thinking – As a parent, it is your responsibility to encourage your child and make them believe that they can do it.

Keep Routines – Make sure that your child gets sufficient sleep with a proper routine of practicing the sample papers.

Help Them Practice – To help your child in the preparation of the NAPLAN test series, you can provide them with NAPLAN practice papers.

Encourage Confidence – Encourage your child to look through the practice papers and complete the questions they know they know or answer first. This can pace them in doing exams and will help them in the final exam.

With practice papers, you can help your child in several different ways. Firstly, it helps in time management and on another side it can also pace the speed of knowing the pattern of the test. Parents can ask their children to attempt some Online NAPLAN Practice Tests to give them awareness regarding how much time they will get to complete each paper. This also boosts the confidence of the students and takes away their fear of taking the NAPLAN tests.   


In short, the NAPLAN test series is very crucial for your child to keep up with the Australian standards of education and to become familiar with general numeracy and literacy. Thus, for parents to help their child in the preparation of the NAPLAN test series becomes very crucial, and in this context, NAPLAN sample papers are one of the most effective and useful options that parents can give to their children.